Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mini Easter Gift baskets #BostikBloggers

Easter is only 4 weeks away and now is the perfect time to start planning your Easter gifts. I love making home made gifts which are always appreciated more and gives the receiver great pleasure. These easter baskets are fairly easy to make and look great when filled with sweets or home made treats.

These cute and simple baskets are perfect for filling with mini easter eggs, chocolates, cookies or mini cakes too.

You will need:

  • Scissors/ pinking shears
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue / Glue dots
  • Cup cake liner (any colour)
  • Yellow card
  • Green card
  • Ribbon
  • Motifs or flowers for decoration
  • Gifts to fill basket ie mini Easter Eggs or Sweets
  • Shredded tissue paper
You can also watch the video to see how to make these beautiful baskets here:

How to make:

1. Using the pink cupcake liner as a template, place it on the yellow card and draw around it with a pencil.(if you don't have a cupcake liner you can draw the shape free hand as shown in picture.)
2. Extend the bottom edge of the yellow liner by 5mm.
3. Cut out the yellow liner shape as this will be the inside of the basket and it will sit proud by 5 mm from the top rim of pink liner.

4. Make both liners up by securing the flap with glue.(This is the pink basket and the yellow basket)

5. Place the pink liner onto the green card and using a pencil draw a circle around the inside bottom edge .
6.  Draw another circle 5mm bigger than the original circle on the same green card and cut the circle out with decorative scissors or plain scissors. This is the base of the basket.

7. On green card draw a 2 cm strip 30 cm long and cut it out with decorative or plain scissors. This will be the basket handle.
8. Decorate the handle by sticking a contrasting colour ribbon on it.

9. Stick the handle inside the pink basket at opposite sides to each other.
10. Glue the inside edge of the pink basket and stick the yellow basket inside it so that it sits 5mm above the rim of the pink basket.

11. Place a line of glue to the bottom rim of the basket and stick the basket to the green circle base. Hold it firmly till basket sticks to base.
12. Wipe any excess glue off.

13. Decorate the outside of the basket with flowers or motifs if desired.

14. Cut some green tissue paper into straw and fill up basket. Fill basket with Easter gifts such as eggs, chicks, or treats of choice.

I was sent a box of craft items to create an Easter Themed craft for being part of the Bostik Blogger 2016 by Tots100


  1. These look so professional Nayna great job! Where do you recommend purchasing the cupcake liners from?

    Love Emily xxx // emilyrosevass.com

    1. Emily, you can get the cup cake liner in any hobby craft stores, I have seen them in many places where they sell cake, baking accessories even pound shops.

  2. These are so creative and look really fun to make! What a sweet idea :) xxx

  3. I love these, what a really cute idea. I have pinned to remind me to have a go with my daughter this weekend.

  4. What a cute craft, great for the kids at Easter

  5. These little baskets look so cute. I just don't have the time or patience for things like that x

  6. These are so cute! I used to love decorating eggs when I was a kid.

  7. This is such a great craft! x

  8. How cute are these!? I love the colours they look so fresh and Spring like x

  9. Ah, they look lovely! What a great idea.

  10. I love these they look so good and kids will love them x

  11. These are great, I love the bright colours and Easter is top on our agenda at the moment. Perfect for easter egg hunts and to give as gifts.

  12. Oh these are adorable! What a lovely way to present little Easter treats.

  13. Very neatly done and they look so colourful and cute. Sharing the link with my arty cousin who loves making things with her daughters and her classmates. Thank you for sharing such a lovely home made gift basket.

  14. These are really cute. I love making easter crafts and we have just started on ours

  15. This is so cute. I really need to make some Easter baskets this year.

  16. these are too cute! and are perfect for easter, even for a mini hunt too

  17. What a fab idea, so perfect for Easter

  18. These are the coolest egg baskets I have ever seen they are awesome I love the design. Can I just make them for myself lol?

  19. We never did much for Easter growing up, but I love this! So pretty xo

  20. I love this, it's a great idea fro giving to grand parents and I think me and my boys would have some fun making these. Thanks for the post! xxxx

  21. These are absolutely fantastic! My kids would love to make them, I'm sure!

  22. Brilliant idea. Effort is the best thing for a gift.

  23. How cute is this basket?! What a lovely craft idea for Easter, the bright colours are lovely. I can imagine the little ones would love this. x

  24. Aw these aer so pretty and look quite simple to make - I may even have a go myself ;-)

  25. This is so cute! A great activity to do with your small ones too

  26. I have pinned these. They look so professional, but simple to make. Fantastic

  27. These are so bright and colourful! Perfect for easter!

  28. oh what a great idea I think I will see if the kids want to make some

  29. They are a really cute idea, I think L is a bit young yet but hopefully next year we can start doing things like this

  30. These are brilliant! I remember making something very similar when I was at school and can't wait to do some Easter craft projects with Boo :)

  31. These are so cute, I think mine will love making these

  32. What a pretty basket and handy instructions on how to make them x

  33. How lovely! They look easy to make too.


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