Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How to add this social bookmark Share buttons to your blogger blog

To popularise you blog and content, increase traffic and engagement it is important to encourage your readers to share your content on social media, you can make this easy by providing buttons for your readers to share your content.
Here are simple instructions on how you can add Share buttons on your blog.

Part 1

1. Create an account at Add this.
2. Click on get the code and select Share button
3. A grey box will appear.

4. From "Get sharing button for" select 

5. Select style that you require .

6. In Options section click on my profile
 and select your profile.

7. On the right side you will see a preview of your buttons, these are created by Add this however you can customise them by clicking on disable and select your own buttons if you require.This can be done by clicking on the button options from the left and and dragging them to the selected buttons on the right.

8. A preview will appear at the top for all the buttons you have selected.
9. Once you are happy with your selection move down to add to blogger and click on Install widget. You will see this box.

10. Click on add widget and you will automatically land on your blog layout page with the code added in the side bar.
11.Reposition the gadget to the required position on your sidebar layout by dragging it up or down.
12. Save layout and view blog.
The widget should be showing in your side bar.

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  4. Really useful post thanks!

  5. it can be nightmare when they only give you soo many on your blog or web but the ones used the most or needed never there and you have a nightmare trying t get them on lol, i just add a small pic and add link to it lol x

  6. I'm really new to blogging so this post is very informative for me thank you.


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