Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Prop collection and a lesson in Ebay.

I love cooking and my new obsession is collecting props for food photos.From plates to cups to bowls. I have so many odds and ends of mismatched crockery that is overflowing in my cupboards all purely for food photography. But one thing that I really wanted was to find some brass, copper and authentic props for my asian dishes. On a recent trip to India, hubby asked me what I wanted him to bring me back.He was most surprised when instead of a beautiful designer saree I asked him to bring me some pots.He was rather amused but said he would try.
These pretty sets of pots were what he brought me together with this pretty kadai ( brass pot with handles) aren't they lovely?

But my prop obsession did not end there, I now wanted some brass spoons to add to the collection. I searched high and low, asked friends and family if they had odd cutlery they no longer wanted. I even tried charity shops and antique shops but to my dismay I could not find any things.Disheartened I thought to google brass spoons and to my excitement I saw a link come up for ebay, yes someone had some brass spoons that they wanted to sell. I was so excited to open the link. Now I have never shopped on ebay before so the experience was very new to me. When I saw the spoons I immediately fell in love with them and further more they were reasonably priced too infact too reasonable. I immediately clicked the button to order them but lo and behold a message came up saying you have been out bid. Wondering what this was I soon realised that the price I saw was a starting price and I needed to place a bid to buy them. Frantically I placed bid after bid and each time I was out bid. I was getting quite upset and had conjured up a vision in my head that some foodie out there had conspired to stop me buying these spoons and was laughing in glee at me. Little did I realise that the spoons were being auctioned and a price reserve was set on it  the highest bidder would get to buy them. Realising that my efforts were wasted  and the spoons were never going to be mine I decided to give up on the purchase.

That evening I narrated my woeful tale to my family, after being laughed at I found out that I could actually put the item on a watch list and bid on it nearer the closing time, this way there was more chance of securing the item. Feeling more optimistic this time I added the item to the watch list and forgot all about it.
A few days later I had an email alert late one evening advising me that the sale of the spoons was to end soon. I logged back into the ebay account for one last time and saw that the spoons were still available however the price had increased to a lot more than the starting price. My prop obsession over ruled my sensible head and I clicked on the bid to make  final bid, I did not even wait to see if the bid was accepted or not and immediately logged out.

The next day whilst checking my emails I saw an email from ebay, it read congratulations on the purchase of your brass spoons. So finally after much ado I am the proud owner of this set of brass spoons, I had finally managed to out bid my imaginary foodie competitor on ebay.

I have learned a lot about bidding on ebay for items now, but now I need to stay away from ebay in fear of finding another purchase and my prop obsession taking over again.

You can see the lovely Kadai and brass spoons featured in this recipe post  for Bombay Aloo on my food blog


  1. Great post! You should maybe try a bid sniper that you enter your max bid and it then bids on your behalf :-)

    Helen (UK Bloggers) X

  2. Great collection.
    I am getting my props on car boot sales :-)

  3. Those copper spoons are a beauty! And well done to your hubby for finding those pots. This post brought a smile to my face, very entertaining.

  4. loved this post definitely made me smile and think!

  5. Love the final picture using your props! I am trying to improve my food photography a bit these days too but don't know if I have enough space to start collecting a lot of food props although it is tempting!

    anna (intheplayroom)

  6. Those brass spoons are very pretty, the remind me of the tradional welsh ones they always seem to sell in gift shops :P

  7. I love Ebay, I could spend my life browsing on there.


  8. Ooh I love eBay :) love the spoons!!

    Meimei x

  9. deffo love the serving spoons x

  10. I haven't thought about props for photos before, but I can see how they add to the pictures. I need to consider if there are anything that would help with the pictures I take.
    The spoon look great

  11. The spoons are so beautiful..loved all your props.


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