Monday, 7 October 2013

How to add Link Within to a Blogger Blog

Link Within is a blog widget that links related stories from your blog archive. It helps to increase page views and keeps the reader engaged allowing you to retrieve archived posts and present them to your readers with the new posts.

Here are simple instructions on how to add Link Within to your blog.

1. Sign in to your Blogger Account.
2. Open the Blog you want to use add Link within to.
3. In another tab open
4. On the Link within page enter your email-id, your blog URL and then your blog platform.
5. Next select the number of links of posts you want to show.
6. Click Get Widget
7. Then on install widget page click install widget in the first line.
8. Select your blog name and click Add Widget.
9. You will be redirected to your blog , make sure you are logged into your blog.
10.In layout you will find Link within widget included automatically.
11.Drag the widget to the bottom of your blog post on the layout .This will give it the best exposure.
12. Save layout and refresh blog.
Widget should be installed.

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  1. Wow .. What a great post .. This was I was looking for soooo long .. Thanks nayana ..your blog is sooo helpful for a non techi person like me...

  2. Very easy instructions Nayana ..
    I followed it exactly ..
    Thank you sooo much..

  3. Really helpful, thanks.


  4. Thank you so much - really helpful tutorial
    Love Vicky

  5. Back when I was on blogger I used to want to do this and I had no idea how I spent ages going around in circles - it would be really quite simple wouldn't it lol x

  6. Very helpful, I'm not sure if mine is Link Within but it definitely generates more traffic than I used to get, especially with new visitors :D

  7. Another great informative post thank you !

  8. Nayna in point number 4 what do you mean by blog platform ?
    I tried to add Related posts widget but am not succeeding.

    1. you need to choose if its blogger blog or someother

  9. I tried several times but the blogger message says error - link broken


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