Monday, 28 October 2013

How to set up google authorship with blogger blog

Setting up Google Authorship is very important for your site to attract more visitors. It also allows your site to get a better position in search engine. Google has provided writers a way to verify to readers that the content is unique, valid, and yours. 

How to set up Google Authorship:

Step 1

Create a google plus profile and fill in all the relevant details on your profile page, add a headshot photo of yourself to your profile. Save the page and make a note of the Google plus profile url with the long number in it. You will need to add this in Step 2.

Step 2
  • Make an about me page on your blog. Include a photo of yourself , make sure it is same photo you used for google plus profile
  • In your about me page, start with an opening sentence that says: My name is “add your name here” I am the author of “your blog name here" 
  • Add this link to your name once you have added your details in the where the red script is.
<a href="https://put your google plus page url here /" rel="author" target="_blank">put your name here </a>
  • Link your blog url to your blog name in the sentence.

         Add any other info about your self on the about me page.Save the page

Step 3

Go to your google plus page and open the page, click on about.
Click on edit profile and in the section that says other profiles add the following:

  • Your blog about me page url
  • Your blog homepage url
  • Your twitter url
  • Your facebook url
  • Your  pinterest url
  • You can also add any other profiles you have like linkdin, stumpleupon ,network blogs etc
Step 4

Click on the edit contributor section and add the following:
  • Your blog homepage url
  • You can add url of any other websites you write for.

Step 5

Click on the edit link section and add the following:
  • Add your blog about me page url
  • Add your blog home page url

Make sure you hit save after adding all this info.

Step 6

Open this page:
Click on this link and verify your email address, this email address should be the same for googleplus and your blog login.

 Step 7

Now go back to google plus page about page and you will see your email address will appear in the contact information with a tick next to it.

Step 8

To see if Google Authorship has worked click on this link:
Type your blog url  in the box and check if authorship has worked.

Google authorship can take anything up to three months to start working. 


  1. Nayana .. I saw your post regarding google authorship.i had never heard about it before. After your post I quickly did a google search to know what it was then followed your simple instructions. It worked just took 10 minutes .. Your instructions were sooo simple to understand .. Thank you sooo much .. Looking forward for more useful posts like this ..

  2. Interesting. I know next-to-nothing about blogging and these basic tips are very informative.

  3. What a great post! It's something I've not heard of before so may give it ago soon! Jess x

  4. I'm on Wordpress but I love these informative posts, especially when they are as easy to understand as yours.

  5. It's a shame it's SO hard to set up google authorship - and you would have thought that blogger would be easy! Good for you, explaining it all so clearly

  6. I think I've done it! Thank you!

    S xx

  7. Great post Nayna, very informative and I might give it a go

    Helen X

  8. thanks for post i have already done this x


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