Friday, 15 November 2013

How to add a "Contact Me" form in blogger.

Part 1

1. Go to Email me form and create an account.
2. Log into Email me form with your user name and password
3. Click on add form.
4. Click on go to template section
5. Select Contact form.
6. Click on customize
7. Click on add field
8. Select additional fields in advanced that you wish to add to your form.
9. Once you have added all the fields you want on your form click on save form .
10. Click on take me to form manager.
11.Click on code and copy the html code generated for your form.

Part 2

12. Log into your blog and  on home page in top right corner click on design
13. In left hand corner click on pages.
14.Click on new page , blank page
15. Give the page a page title "Contact Me"
16.Click on html in your post and add the code generated in Step 11 and paste it here.
17. Save
18. You can add any other text to the page you wish. Save and publish.