Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas Wreath

I love the run up to Christmas, the christmas lights, the decorations in the shops, the christmas bazaars and the christmas markets. My favorite thing is to visit the arts and crafts shops and check out all their lovely festive decorations like ribbons, tinsels, glitters, fabrics and so much more. There is nothing more special than making home made gifts and decorations for christmas.
My first project each year is to make a christmas wreath for our front door. Over years we always try to make something different, this year we decided to make our wreath traditional  by making a rattan wreath with ribbons and bells. The bells on the wreath jingled in the wind making a beautiful sound.

To make our christmas wreath you will need:

12 inch natural rattan wreath
Red ribbon 1 metre
3 metres cotton christmas patterned ribbon
1 reel natural raffia
holly, berries and christmas trimmings of choice
Glue gun
Red and white bells


1. Fold the red ribbon in half and tie a knot about 6 inches down from the looped end.This is for hanging the wreath on the door.
2. Tie the red ribbon on the top of the wreath at 12 o'clock position in a bow.
3. Wrap the cotton christmas ribbon around the wreath  and recure the ends with  glue gun.

4. Between the 5 and 8 o clock positions on the wreath arrange the christmas trimmings and glue them down using the glue gun.

5. Thread the bells onto the raffia and tie them in between the decorations.
6. Position the bells and if necessary stick them down with some glue to secure them.
Wreath is ready.

I was sent a hobby craft voucher to purchase the craft items to create the christmas wreath for "Deck your doors campaign" by direct blinds.


  1. Oh well done Nayna, that's a lovely tradition. I've never yet either made or had a Christmas wreath on the door, but I will one day!

  2. beautiful! Very subtle and festive. I'm going to make one from old books this years

  3. That looks fab, I love the ribbon you have wrapped around it

  4. This looks really lovely and relatively simple, with the right equipment. Thanks for posting it Nayna. GG

  5. Very pretty, a good one to have for the holidays!

  6. I would not have the patience to make one Nayna, so I am super impressed!

  7. FABULOUS Nayna! I LOVE this post and the wreath is lovely! Karen

  8. love this idea, looks simple yet elegant.

  9. Lovely.. it really gives us immense pleasure when we make things at home..

  10. I love how the finished wreath looks - so festive. I love making christmas crafts!

  11. wow very talented. they look beautiful, makes me want to get creative x

  12. Brilliant, they look so professional, i suspect if i tried to make this it would end up being 4 rolls of sellotape and two berries hanging off my front door!

  13. What a simple but fab creating Nayna. Please can you make me one?

  14. Lovely looks so professional! Well done :-)



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