Friday, 12 December 2014

Bulb baubles christmas tree decorations

Decorating the christmas tree is a lovely tradition that involves all the family members from young to old. There is nothing better than having an evening of drinks mulled wine and mince pies whilst everyone helps to untangle , tangle and help to put up the tree and hang decorations. There is also the tradition that the youngest member gets to choose and put the fairy or the star on the tree.

Before we decorate our tree each year, we love creating some new home made decorations for the tree. We have made salt dough decorations, felt decorations, cookies and candy decorations too. This year we thought we try something new. We got the idea from light bulbs direct who are holding a competition for decorated old light bulbs. This is my entry to the ‘Light Bulbles’ Competition over at  

We covered our old bulbs with satin ribbon and sequined ribbon and added sparkly sequins to make them royal and grand. You too can make your Bulb decorations by following the instructions below:

You will need:
Makes 2

2 Light bulbs
1 roll (5 metres) Satin ribbon 2cm wide colours of your choice
5 metres of gold bead garland
1 metre Sequined ribbon for creating the loop for hanging the bulb bauble
Gold sequins and gold  beads
Glue gun


1. Cut 8 pieces of ribbon approx 20 cm pieces long each for each bulb decoration.The ribbon length should fit from top to bottom of bulb on each side.
2. Glue the first piece of ribbon starting at the thin part of the bulb and and glueing until it reaches the opposite side of the bulb.
3. Continue sticking each piece of ribbon around the bulb making sure all seams are over lapped. Don't worry about being too neat, the bumps and creases will give textured pleating effect to your surface.

4. Cut a 12 cm long piece of sequined ribbon and stick it to the narrow part of the bulb on either side to create a loop for hanging the bulb.
5. Starting at the narrow part of the bulb start sticking the gold bead garland around the bulb neck for about 2cm. Secure the cut end with glue
6. Stick sequins on the wider part of the bulb body and leave the bulb decoration to dry for 30 minutes.
The bulb baubles are ready for gifting or hanging on the tree.

Disclaimer: This is a competition entry, I was not paid to enter and all the crafting items used to create the decorations were purchased by myself.


  1. Wow, love these ideas to bring color to the christmas tree:) And I'm sure the kids (and adults) would enjoy making them too...

  2. Ah this is so cute! And the results are lovely, definitely a lot prettier than the average plastic bauble!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  3. Such a lovely idea, we go through a lot of lights, so now I know what to do with them! x

  4. These is so clever - and a great use for old bulbs to boot! I have an ornament that I decorated when I was 10 still hanging these days on my tree....!

  5. That is a very clever idea and your bulbs look fantastic. I don't think I'm going to find room or time to have a tree this year, but decorating the tree is one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

  6. that's a wonderful recycling idea. Looks very attractive.

  7. What a thrifty and really clever idea! The baubles look so cute!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

  8. this is such a unique idea! i thought it was a pear that was used at first lol (would be a very bad idea though XD)

  9. What a clever idea and the end result is very pretty!

  10. Those are really pretty - what a clever idea!

  11. They are so pretty - what a lovely idea :) x

  12. I love the jewel colours that you have chosen. Your decorations are beautiful.

  13. They look gorgeous! What a brilliant idea!

  14. OOh these look brilliant and so festive x

  15. It is definitely a good way to re-use old bulbs!

  16. oh you have been very creative with your bulb - good luck

  17. Your decorations look really festive and are lovely !

  18. This is such a unique idea! I've never seen any decoration made this way! Totally love it!

  19. They look beautiful. I dont have any old fashioned shaped bulbs unfortunately

  20. Never thought of doing this, what a great idea

  21. Such a lovely idea. They look beautiful. Good luck with the competition.x

  22. What a great idea! They look brilliant, love the colours, very Christmasy!

  23. Lovely idea Nayna u are so so creative xx


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