Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Pudding shape Felt Tree Decorations

With the Christmas school holidays upon us it nice to find activities that will keep the younger ones entertained and at the same time create things that are home made and can be used in the home or gifted. These lovely Christmas tree decorations are easy to make and make lovely tree decorations or even gift tags for presents.

This activity requires adult supervision since we are using a glue gun.For young children you can use fabric glue.

You will need:

1 piece brown felt
1 piece white felt
1 piece green felt
1 piece red felt
5 mm wide ribbon
Glue gun
1 heart cookie cutter to draw around
1 round cookie cutter to draw around.

How to make:

1. Place the cookie cutters on the brown felt and draw around it .
2. Cut out 2 heart shapes and 2 round circles.
3. Place both the cookie cutters on the white felt and draw around them.
4. Cut out 1 white circle and 1 heart shape.
5. One third of the way down both the shapes draw a wiggly line to look like icing running down. Cut the shapes out and discard the bottom pieces.
6. On green felt draw 4 small holly shapes and cut them out
7. Cut out 6 small red dots from the red felt for the holly berries
8. Cut the ribbon pieces, each 12 cm long  and fold each piece in half.

9. Place one of the brown hearts on to a flat surface and place the folded ribbon in the centre to create a hanging loop. Glue the end down.
10. Apply glue all around the heart and sandwich the second brown heart on top of the first heart.
11. Stick the white icing shape to the top of the brown heart.

12. Position and stick the holly and berries to the top of the heart.
13. Repeat exactly the same method to create the round Christmas pudding decoration.
Once dry decorations are ready to hang on the tree.


  1. How effective do these look? I think this would be a great activity for kids in the run up to Christmas.

  2. These are ace, Perfect for kids. I think I will have to give some felt to the boys

  3. Oh gosh these are great and so easy to make! Perfect for me nephew and I to do to stay out from under mom's feet ;-)

  4. I love these I'll definitely give this a try and put them away for next year. x

  5. Oh they are very cute and simple enough for my boys to make

  6. I so wish I'd seen this before I spent 3 hours of my life Fimo-ing tree decorations! Love a bit of felt and Christmas pudding so these tick all my boxes!

  7. They are so cute <3 they look so affective as well yet so simple. x

  8. Kids would love these kind of Christmas decorating activities.

  9. These look brilliant, I love little personal items like this x

  10. Love these! Boo's just spotted them as I was reading it and is now demanding we make our own!

  11. so cute - I love doing things like this with the kids x

  12. these are so cute, we did a few xmas tree decorations over the holidays, such fun to do with the kiddo x

  13. I might have to try these next Christmas. We did some homemade tree decorations too - it's a great way to involve your children in all the Christmas preparations.


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