Sunday, 21 December 2014

Snow Man Shaped Tree Decorations

Having made Christmas Pudding and Stocking shaped decorations, I am now going to show you how to make snowman shaped tree decorations.

This activity requires adult supervision since we are using a glue gun.For young children you can use fabric glue.

You will need:

1 piece blue felt
1 piece white felt
Some silver beads / balls
Round cookie cutter
Black, orange and red felt for eyes nose and mouth
5 mm wide ribbon
Glue gun

How to make:

1. Place the round cutter on the white felt and draw around it .
2. Cut out 2 white circle shapes
3. Draw a cone shape from the blue felt to look like a bobble hat and cut it out.
4. From the white felt, cut out a small white circle for the hat bobble and a strip to fit the bottom of the blue cone shape.
4. Cut out two black eyes, a  orange nose and a red mouth.
5. Cut a 12 cm piece of ribbon and fold it in half.

6. Place a white circle  shape on a flat surface and glue the folded ribbon to it in the top centre to create a hanging loop.
6. Add more glue to the circle and sandwich the second white circle  on top.
7. At the top edge of the circle glue on the blue cone shape, and then glue the white trim to the bottom of the cone shape and the white bobble on the cone point. Glue a line of silver beads on the white trim on the hat.
8.Glue on the eyes, nose and mouth.
Once dry decorations are ready to hang on the tree.

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  1. Ah love these, so cute and festive, I have a thing about anything Christmas Pudding around Christmas so you know which one my favourite one is but love them all.

  2. These are super sweet and simple, I've done quite a few craft activities with my little one, but tend to buy kits as I'm not that creative!


  3. Nice and festive and easy for children to make too. I love the snowman :)

  4. awww so sweet. Do you have a picture of your christmas tree with them on?

  5. Oh these are cute. Look quite easy and quick to make (except waiting for glue to dry).

  6. Aw now these are very cute to look at x

  7. You are getting creative Nayna. These look great and I love the carroty noses.

  8. Oh now that is one cute snowman, what a lovely little tree decoration. x

  9. They are great - I totally intended to make some Tree decorations but still have the big pile of felt unused in my cupboard... next year!!

  10. I love your Christmas decorations - they look brilliant and also really straightforward to make!

  11. These look very cute and simple to make. I bet they look lovely on your Christmas tree.

  12. Fab looking tree decorations. I might try next year and have only handmade items on the tree

  13. super cute! Wilf and I made deceptions this went well until Wilf stuck a goggly eye up his nose! x

  14. It is a little late to make them for this year but I will print the page off and put it in my Christmas crafts book for next year. My grandchildren will love them.

  15. these look great wish i had seen them earlyer i may do it out of coloured saltdough ready for next year


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