Sunday, 21 December 2014

Stocking shaped Christmas tree Decoration

I have already shared how to make Christmas Pudding shaped Tree shaped decorations in my previous post, today we will learn how to make a Christmas stocking shaped tree decoration.

This activity requires adult supervision since we are using a glue gun.For young children you can use fabric glue.

You will need:

1 piece red felt
1 piece white felt
A sparkly button or decoration
Stocking shaped cookie cutter or template
5 mm wide ribbon
Glue gun

How to make:

1. Place the stocking shaped cutters on the red felt and draw around it .
2. Cut out 2 red stocking shapes
3. Place the stocking shaped cutter on the white felt and draw around it .
4. Cut out 1 white stocking shape. On  this shape you can draw with pen a toe area, insole area and a wiggly cuff at the top. Cut these shapes out and discard rest.

5.Place a red stocking shape on a flat surface and glue to it in the top left hand corner the folded ribbon to create a hanging loop.
6. Add more glue to the stocking and sandwich the second red stocking on top.
7. Glue on the cuff, sole and toe area on the stocking.
8. Add a button or sparkly decoration on the cuff in the centre.

Once dry decorations are ready to hang on the tree.
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  1. That's so sweet, I love making no sew decorations when I'm busy.

  2. I love little homemade things like this, they always look so much better than shop bought ones x

  3. I love homemade decorations! This is a fun idea.

  4. I love homemade decorations, always makes a home feel more homely I feel

  5. I've been wanting to make some decorations like these for my twig lights.

  6. Very cute, I really like homemade decorations and ones with lots of meaning. Our tree is quite eclectic x

  7. What a lovely little tree decoration, I always think home made decorations are extra special. x

  8. That is so cute - would love to pop a chocolate inside on Christmas eve too!

  9. These look great and so easy to do! Perfect for me!

  10. what a cute deception , great for gifts as well

  11. What a really effective decoration - really easy to do too, thank you!

  12. this is a simple yet cute idea! my cousins would love doing this

  13. These are super cute, I made something similar a few years ago. Personalising them makes them even more adorable!
    Love Lucinda xx

  14. I love home decorations.. these stockings look so cute..

  15. Wow-these look great :-) I shall keep these in mind for next Christmas.

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