Thursday, 14 May 2015

Keys-To -Go portable keyboard.

Creating recipes and developing them is fun, but also important is accounting and keeping note of the measurements and preparation stages. I always keep a pad and pencil in my kitchen drawer for this, but the drawer is a nightmare with scraps of papers with scribbled recipes in ineligible writing. I needed an easier way to note my ideas and recipes. I tried typing my recipes on my phone whilst cooking, this was not a good idea as phone screen is too small and phones are not water proof; I had visions of liquids drowning my phone which would not be a recipe to success.

I also tried typing recipes straight onto the notes section of my ipad which has a larger screen. This by far was a much better solution but again I have the same problem, ipads are not  liquid proof and certainly not safe to be used on kitchen tops with so many ingredients laying around. I needed a solution that would alleviate my scrap paper dilemma and also make my life easier having the recipe typed in the correct stages straight on a device for editing. I was on the look out for a fail safe solution.

Finally I have managed to ditch my pen and paper and I have a wonderful solution that works well for me in my kitchen. I can still utilise my ipad but keep it away at a safe distance on my kitchen window ledge. You may wonder how this is possible, have  I suddenly grown longer arms? No I have not grown longer arms, neither do I have a PA (wish I had though) to do my typing  and take notes for me, instead I have a new friend the Keys - To - Go Logitech portable keyboard that I can use with my ipad.

This super slender keyboard is the best thing that has happened to me. It is totally portable, super slim, has a wireless blue tooth technology with a rechargeable 3-month battery with battery check indicator light. Its best feature for me is that it has a fabric skin that wards off dirt, crumbs and spills no matter where you are or what you do. Now I don't have to worry if my hands are dirty or if I spill anything in the vicinity of the keyboard as it is totally wipe able.

When I am not using it in the kitchen, the keyboard  works equally well  with all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. This keyboard has certainly made my life  much easier in my kitchen and around my home, but there is only one problem and that is that all my family have discovered it too and one is not not enough for every one!!!!

I was sent the Logitech Keys - To - Go portable keyboard to use in my kitchen, all the views and opinions in this post are my own, I was not asked to write a positive review.


  1. That is really good, a normal keypad always gets damaged on a cooking along process.

  2. wow this is a great idea! I probably need one as well!

    thanks for sharing



  3. I have the same problem with writing down recipes while cooking!! I usually resort to having my laptop out in the kitchen, but it is annoying having to clean and dry my hands every few minutes! This looks like a great solution.

  4. That looks so useful, nearly out my iPad on a hot oven top the other day and it is always covered in flour and sugar.

  5. Absolutely love it, very, very handy gadget to have... I can see how it would get used in this household... is it waterproof? Thinking of using it in the bath :)

  6. It copes well with small spills in the kitchen, I am not sure what would happen if it was dropped in a bath full of water though.

  7. Nice information . Never used one so don't know much about it

  8. This definitely is an amazing thing.. very useful for us bloggers.

  9. lovely post dear


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