Saturday, 19 December 2015

Some lovely homeware from homesense.

My love and obsession for food props is one that I am always sharing here on my blog. This year while shopping I discovered some really pretty homeware in Homesense that I fell in love with immediately. I thought about leaving subtle hints with photos of the items for the family to buy for me for Christmas but to be honest I could not wait that long so I have declared a new trend in the household; one must buy a pressie for oneself each christmas. At least you are guaranteed one present that you know is exactly what you wanted!!!!

Really christmas presents should be wrapped and put under the tree  ready to be opened and enjoyed on Christmas day. But I am going to give you a sneak preview of what I bought before I do that.

There really christmassy set of  4 gold dishes in the flower shape are gorgeous.They are perfect for serving nibbles, chocolates etc I love the shimmer on them, they are gorgeous.

My second find were these amazing blue dishes with the gold pattern. The set of 4 dishes are really unique, each has its own intricate pattern and are very original. The dishes are in a shiny gold finish with the most eye catching blue glass, they are perfect for serving nibbles, icecream or just dotted around with some potpourri in them.


Although these were  supposed to be a pressie to myself for christmas I could not resist using them in a photo shoot before I wrapped them. Naughty I know but they do look lovely in the photo.

I also love authentic cookware and when I saw this beaten silver karai I immediately fell in love with it. It will be perfect for serving curries in it.

Beautifully shiny with two handles this is a really authentic little dish from India.I am now looking for a matching plate to go with it.

My last find was this really sturdy ice cream scoop. You will not believe it but in the past year I have gone through 4 ice cream scoops the two plastic ones cracked and the handles broke, the metal one was not stainless steel and rusted so when I came across this really good quality stainless steel scoop I had to add it to my shopping basket. Hopefully this is the last time I have to buy an ice cream scoop.

This are my four presents to myself for christmas. I love shopping at Homesense, the variety and choice is lovely and you can get the most unusual gifts in there. I am planning to go back in the new year to get some lovely cushions that I have seen.

I was sent a homesense voucher to spend in homesense all the views and opinion in this post are my own.