Thursday, 4 February 2016

An Activity crafty day with a 4 year old. #BostikBloggers

At the weekend I was babysitting my little niece who is four years old. The weather was really wet and windy and it was so bad it was impossible to venture out. Entertaining a four year old is quite difficult as their attention span for long periods of time is limited. I had to plan activities that were fun to do, easy to clear up and didn't take too long.

I picked up my niece (Little M) and as soon as she came in, she ran into the kitchen and immediately wanted to help me make a smoothie in my Optimum 94OO.  With Aprons on we set to work, Little M peeled the bananas and roughly cut them with a blunt knife them, together we added them to the blender. With help she added dollops of vanilla ice cream, some cold milk and them with little fingers she whizzed the whole smoothie up.
Our banana smoothie was delicious. There was no time to style the photograph but here is a quick click of what we made.

Banana smoothies and cookies eaten we decided to make some rice krispie chocolate clusters so that Little M had a pressie to take home for mum and dad. We added some milk chocolate into a heat proof bowl and microwaved it  at 30 second intervals until it had melted. Carefully as bowl was hot we added the rice crispies into the chocolate and mixed it together. With little helping hands we spooned the mixture into little cupcake cases and left them to set. I was able to take a quick photo while Little M licked the bowl.

It soon  stopped raining so we were able to go out to the shops to get some shopping. Although it's only February the shops have all started selling Easter goodies and treats. Little M saw some Easter treats and was excited about the furry little chicks in baskets.

We bought some mini Easter Eggs and the furry little chick in the basket. We had lunch out and then ventured home.

The afternoon the weather turned awful again and I was thinking what we could do, luckily my Bostik  Easter Craft challenge box had arrived so Little M and I looked through it and she decided she wanted to make an Easter card for her mum and dad to take home with the chocolate crispies. 
She chose the foam easter egg shape, some pretty flowers and the pipe cleaners  which she was really excited about as she thought they looked like pretty worms!!! She had endless fun bending them into wiggly shapes and this is how the zigzag on the card idea was born. 

You will need:

  • 1 Foam Easter Egg shape cut out
  • 3 Pipe cleaners assorted colours
  • Stick on flowers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Envelope 
  • Pretty tape
Here is how we made it.

1. Make a concertina zigzag with the pipe cleaners. (Little M needed a little hep with this)
2. Arrange them on the card and shape them, gently cut off any edges that are not required.
3. Stick the zigzags onto the foam using the glue. This was tricky and we had to put a heavy book on the card for a few minutes to make the pipe cleaners stick to the foam.

4. While the pipe cleaners were waiting to stick. We decorated the envelope which was plain. We stuck the pretty floral tape on the four edges of the envelope and it was transformed.
5. The pipe cleaners were securely stuck on the foam and Little M added some stick on flowers to finish off the foam card.
6.Lastly We added a Happy Easter message on the back of the foam card. I wrote the words happy easter in pencil and she went over the pencil lines with a gold decorating pen we had.
The card fitted beautifully in the envelope.

Little M was really pleased with her card. We  also put the chocolate crispies in a pretty box and tied a ribbon on it to make the perfect gift.

The day was really enjoyable and it certainly brought the child out in me. I think these babysitting days might become a regular. Little M and I had a lovely time crafting thanks to Bostik for the craft box they sent me.
Little M's  Mum and Dad were really pleased with their gifts too.

I was sent a box of craft items to create an Easter Themed craft for being part of the Bostik Crafters 2016 by Tots100


  1. Some great thing you did I might need to do some of these with my Daughter x

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Can't believe Easter is nearly here, I've only just recovered from Christmas.

  3. Some great Easter activities here. I love rice crispie cakes so tasty

  4. What a great aunty you are! I love the Easter Cards, so sweet! :)

  5. I LOVE the easter egg and how it was decorated. I spend some time each week with my best friends 4 year old and I love it

  6. Oh how fabulous, what a busy day you had! Very speedy with your Bostik box too - love the Easter egg :)

  7. Looks like a fabulous crafty day - I now fancy a banana smoothie

  8. Awww some lovely crafts there, my kids love making krispie cakes - they are some easy and delicious x

  9. Aw I'd love to do a craft day, looks fun!

  10. Great ideas here to keep the little ones busy.

  11. I am going to pass this on to my sister-in-law, as I think my niece would love this.

  12. Looks like you and your neice had a lovely day together, and what wonderful crafting :)

  13. I like the egg card with the pipe cleaners - a nice idea.

  14. The banana smoothie looks so good and I love this Easter crafting idea!

  15. What an amazing sounding day - I am totally up for rice krispie cakes as well - I need to make some soon! x

  16. Looks like you had great fun together, lots of lovely activities, I am a fan of rice crispy cakes and love the egg card x

  17. That looks like such a fun day - we used to love crafting when my two were younger x x

  18. Craft days are the best! The banana smoothie sounds and looks yummy! I really love the Easter cards, very cute indeed! xx

  19. Looks like you had such a busy day! Can't wait until I have children to do the same! x

  20. Having not made rice crispie cakes in just absolute years, I now want them more than ever x

  21. I loved making Easter crafts when I was younger/in school. I've not made rice crispy treats in ages

  22. Awh I love crafts! I have a sewing machine up in storage that I neeeeeed to take out and use more often! Having kids around is definitely a great excuse for it

  23. Fabulous ideas! Looks like you had a lot of fun x

  24. I wonder if it would prove fruitful if I requested rice crispy cakes, they look divine!

  25. Aww you did so much, what a lucky little niece! Love all the crafts x

  26. Sounds like you both a great day. It certainly kept your four-year-old niece busy and I think the Easter egg card is lovely.


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