Thursday, 18 February 2016

Khushi Nepalese Restaurant review

I have been blogging for a number of years and  through the blogging network I have been fortunate to have made a number of lovely like minded friends who share my passion for food. I love meeting up with them whenever I get a chance so that we can catch up with each other share tales of our culinary adventures and have a fun meet up. This Friday I met up with Heidi from Heidi Roberts Kitchen Talks and Fiona from London unattached for a meet up at a Khushi Nepalese restaurant a stone's throw away from Boston Manor Underground Station.

Khushi is a Nepalese Restaurant, tastefully decorated in authentic Nepalese Artefacts with a warm and welcoming ambience. On arrival we were promptly greeted and seated at our table to enjoy drinks and poppadoms with chutneys whilst we looked through the menu.The restaurant has a wine list and my friend Fiona really enjoyed the white wine Spritzer but Heidi and I stuck to soft drinks and salted lassi since we were both driving.

Although I have visited many Indian restaurants, I had never eaten at a Nepalese restaurant so I was keen to sample traditional Nepalese dishes rather than Indian dishes familiar to me. For starters the waiter recommended Momo's, which I had never eaten before. These are steamed dumplings with an array of spicy fillings. My friends Heidi and Fiona tried the chicken and lamb, whilst I chose the vegetarian option. The momos were served with a love spicy dipping sauce and I enjoyed them tremendously.

For the main course there were many Indian/Nepalese dishes on offer but we all decided to try the Nepalese Platters. There were two types one with Dhal, Bhaat (Rice) and Takari(curry) and the second one was the Newari Bhway. I chose the vegetarian option of the Nepali platter whilst Heidi had the non veg with chicken. Fiona opted for the Newari Bhway, a  typical Newari Feast with spicy soya bean, beaten Rice, vegetables, moola/aloo achar and chhoyela (spicy lamb) served on dried leaves plate.

We also tried the side dishes of govi bhajee (cauliflower) and mushroom bhajee all served with stuffed porotha- a flat bread stuffed with spicy potato and herb filing and naan bread.The dishes were all aromatic and delicious.They were beautifully presented in Nepali style authentic brass serving plates and bowls and dried leaf plate.(Since I am prop obsessed I only wish the restaurant had given us the platters and the serving cups to take home, they were something that I could not keep my eyes off.) The feast was indeed delicious and there was plenty left over for a doggy bag to take home too.We were so full we did not even look at the dessert menu although I am not sure there was one.

Food 4 / 5
Ambiance 4.  /5
Service 5 / 5

Score - 13 / 15
I was an invited guest at Khushi Nepalese Restaurant together with my two friends. We did not pay for our meal and this is a recap of my personal experience at the restaurant. I would like to thank Emerz for organizing the meal and Khushi for their kind hospitality and service which was excellent.

You can find Khushi Nepalese Restaurant at:
Boston Road, Ealing, London, W7 2DG. 
0208 8401226

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  1. I love trying new restaurants and the food looks amazing! I am marking this restaurant down for my next trip to London!!

  2. Love this post. I am so inspired. So hungry now.

  3. How cool is that! I love the elephant and all the authentic artefacts. The food looks pretty good too.

  4. Sounds like a FAB restaurant and I love the food you had too.......very tempting.

  5. That sounds really interesting. I've not had Nepalese before. One to seek out.

  6. Some of my cousins in UK love trying out new restaurants, so will definitely recommend Khushi to them. I remember some years back when we went to Nepal, it was really cold but a small restaurant we went to often made the most nutritious, fresh and delicious momo soup for us.

  7. Our local Indian is meant to be Nepalese, but it doesn't offer anything nearly as exciting as what you had, though it does do a mean paneer shislik. Love the elephant and the copper dishes.

  8. It's nice when you step out of your culinary comfort zone and come up trumps!

  9. Wow - everything looks and sounds absolutely delicious!

  10. I had tasted the food when we visited Nepal many years ago.. LOved the momos that they served with a variety of dips.

  11. Love the sound of Nepalese cuisine, I particularly would like to try what Fiona did, spicy lamb curry is such a winter warmer! Wish I wasn't so unwell, would have loved to come along!

  12. This looks so yummy, steamed dumplings are amazing! Making me really hungry now x

  13. I have never tried Nepalese food before, but it looks delicious. I love all the decor in the restaurant too.


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