Thursday, 17 March 2016

Kids Dragon Face Mask #Bostikbloggers

When little M my niece comes to visit she loves dressing up and one of the things she loves is role play. On her recent visit she was telling me that at school they had celebrations for Chinese New year and that the teacher had given them all fortune cookies. She also showed me a dragon puppet she had made. She was telling me for Book day she was going to dress up as a dragon but she was going to be a cute and happy dragon as she does not like fire eating dragons. To go with her outfit we made this dragon mask.

You will need:

Green funky foam 1 A4 sheet
Multicoloured funky foam 1/2 A4 sheet
Scraps of pink and black funky foam
12 inch piece f thin elastic
Single hole punch.

The video below show how to make the mask:

1. Cut out a pear shape our of the green funky foam for the dragons mask. Cut out holes for eyes to peep through.
2. Cut out two ears from the multicoloured foam.
3. Cut out two horns from the pink foam
4. Cut out nostrils, eyebrows, scales from the black foam.
5. Punch a hole or the right nad left side of mask near ears to thread the elastic through.
6. Tie the elastic through the punched holes and secure with double know.
7. Stick the ears, horns,eyebrows,scales and nostrils on the green dragon face.

Some of the craft items used in this post came in my Bostik bloggers March craft box.


  1. The mask is fabulous. I love it. A simple yet effective idea. I do love funky foam, but hate the smell. My son recently made a cardboard dragon mask from a craft kit; I could copy the design using foam to make it much more durable. You've given me inspiration ;)

  2. I love your dragon mask you have done a great job well done! I used to be obsessed with dragons when I was younger.

  3. Another dragon craft! brill, seen so many different ones around and I am now collecting them so we can make loads of dragon things over Easter half term

  4. What a fierce looking dragon! I love the multicolored wings on the side, they make this a very magical dragon :)

  5. This looks like a great fun activity to do with my nephews :)

  6. I love this! Definitely a cute dragon, I bet she looked adorable on world book day

  7. Brilliant, he looks like a very friendly dragon! :)

  8. What an awesome looking dragon! It sounds like such fun to make as well. x

  9. oh I think the kids would love to give these a try

  10. That is just ace. Love the video too. I have pinned this. Fab

  11. You did a great job on that, my girls would love this!

  12. He is great, I love the dragon wing shapes.

  13. What a great craft - looks easy but with a great result x x

  14. Aww what a cute mask. I loved dragons as a child and my daughter did the same. It's a shame she is too big to appreciate it now, but I loved reading this. :)

  15. Awww that's so sweet, I'll have to try that with my little one. He loves dinosaurs at the moment. x

  16. My daughter loves dragons and loves getting crafty, think this is another one to add to our list of things to do over the holidays x

  17. This is so cute I love the little holographic bits give it a cute little edge X

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  18. i thought the nostrils was cut out rather than stuck on haha. its a great mask

  19. My son used to make masks like this when he was little- kids adore dressing up!

  20. Love this! So cute and the video is fab as well, well done :) x

  21. Oh I love this - perfect Easter craft, thank you!


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