Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mini Beasts and Garden Notebook and Bookmarks #Bostik Challenge

It's April and soon it will be summer. I love the lighter evening and I am looking forward to spending more time outdoors in the garden. Our garden is our favorite place in the summer, we have taken great prode to look after our patio, decking and fencing and take care to keep it maintained, painted and kept weather proofed. We have lots of garden furniture and have invested a good quality decking to place it on.There is nothing more pleasurable  than dining al fresco and enjoying the lovely scents and colours of flowers in my garden.

This month's Bostik Bloggers challenge is on the theme of Minibeasts and Garden.

It has become a ritual now that each month when I get the Bostik box, I have my niece Little M over so we can create a craft together. She loves crafting and it's great to spend time with her, it also gives her parents some time to themselves too.

This week Little M came over on Sunday afternoon, the weather was lovely so we spent some time playing ball in the garden. We also picked some flowers and then Little M and I made a smoothie which we do always do as Little M loves choosing the ingredients and putting them all in the blender.

 I had some frozen mixed berries in the freezer. So we added a handful of mixed berries( blueberries, blackberries, raspberries) in to the blender together with a pot of cherry yoghurt and blended the ingredients. The smoothie was a little sharp so I added a squeeze of honey and it was perfect. The colour of the smoothie was really pretty. I did not have a chance to style the photo  but managed a quick click before it was drunk. We enjoyed the smoothie with some iced ring biscuits.

The Bostik box this month had lots of garden and minibeast themed craft stuff. We were looking through the box and found some lolly sticks and some really nice flowers and foam insect cut outs so we made little book marks with them.

To make the bookmarks you will need:
2 lolly sticks
Stick on flowers
Stick on insect
Glue dots.

How to make:
1.Add glue dots to the back of the insect and stick it on the top of the lolly stick.

2. Add glue dots to the back of the small flower cut outs and stick them onto the lolly stick.
3. Add glue dots to back of flower motif and stick it onto the lolly stick.

I also found a notebook with a really plain cover sitting in my cupboard. I thought it would be nice for Little M to have it so we turned the plain boring cover into a pretty one using the items in the Bostik craft box.

To cover the book you will need:
I piece of green felt
Double sided tape
Some stick on mini beasts and flowers
Glue dots

How to make:

1.Place the book on the felt and measure the felt  and draw with pencil the exact size needed to cover front, back and spine of book.

2.Cut the felt out.
3.Stick double sided tape on the book cover  on the front , back and spice.

4.Stick on the felt so that the book now has a felt cover on it. Little M needed help with this stage as it was difficult.

5. Arrange the flowers  on the cover where you would like them and then using glue dots stick them on.

6. Arrange the mini beasts and stick them on.

Little M is really pleased with her bookmarks and book. She also made some more book marks for her mum and dad too.They were easy to make and fun.

The Items used to make all our creations were part of the Bostik craft box that we received this month.


  1. Glue Dots - perfect for all sorts of crafts! I used them all the time! I love the flower bookmark! This is a great idea for a subscription box!

  2. What a lovely DIY!! Since we change the clocks, I am also trying to spend more time outside, I must do more DIYs :D


  3. I absolutely love 'how to' and 'arts and crafts' based blog posts. Will definately be trying out the bookmark! Great idea to do when with younger kids, my nephew will love these when he's grown up a bit

  4. What a pretty notebook! I recently decorated a notebook and I think my son would like to try it.

  5. The book cover looks lovely; what a great idea.

  6. That food looks so delicious! and the notebook is so adorable to!

  7. Lovely crafts! Can't go wrong with a smoothie and some party rings though x

  8. What some lovely ideas - I am loving the notebook - that is just such a cute idea. x

  9. That smoothie looks delicious, and I love those bookmarks. Perfect for spring and summer.

  10. Aren't glue dots just the best!? I used a tonne when I was getting married! H x

  11. Those Bostick boxes look like such great fun! Loving those flowers too. :)

  12. Aww how beautifully made. :) It's always nice to be doing a bit of crafts and glue dots always comes in handy. :) I'm a stationary addict so I'll definitely be trying this out. :)


  13. They look like such lovely ideas and the smoothie looks delicious.

  14. The food looks so yummy! Loved the DIY!


  15. Oh what a great way to spend time with your niece, and what a great box to receive! x

  16. I think spring is fast becoming my favourite season. Love the sound of the smoothie, great colour too!

  17. That looks like a great way to keep little ones entertained.

  18. This looks so good. Am sure if kept the little ones entertained.

  19. Those notebook decorations are just too cute. I love the bee bookmark too!

  20. A really lovely craft! Your pics are lovely too, we're a huge fans of lighter evenings, just not when we put the kids to bed

  21. Such a cute little notebook you have made. My daughter is mad on stationery and I'm sure would love this

  22. These bookmarks are so cute. Really love the notebooks too

  23. Very creative! The bookmarks you made are so cute, and that smoothie looks delicious

  24. They are so cute! My niece and nephew would love these.

  25. Lovely craft ideas - those bookmarks are adorable. And I could do with a big glass of that smoothie right now!


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