Sunday, 15 May 2016

Windmills #Bostikbloggers

As you all know I am part of the Bostik Bloggers, where each month I get a craft box to create something crafty. This month the box arrived and the theme is garden. Each month when the box arrives, I invite Little M my niece to come and get crafty with me. This month I only had her over for a couple of hours after school rather than the whole day as I have been rather busy. So as soon as she came over we made a Melon and Apple smoothie and enjoyed it with a biscuit, it's a kind of ritual we have to do at every visit, before enjoying our crafting sessions as Little M really likes using my Optimum 9400  blender to make the smoothie.

Little M and I have lots of fun with these lovely boxes. In this month's box there were lots of flower shapes, tree cut outs and beads and buttons. The beads were really lovely but making bracelets would have been difficult for Little M who is 5 and a half so we thought of different ideas of making something.  Finally we settled on making a flower windmill to put in the garden. Although it looks complicated it was actually fairly easy to make although Little M did need help with some cutting and securing the pipe cleaners.

This is how we made it:

You will need:
Round plate
Crepe paper
Pipe cleaner
1 inch Foam polystyrene square
2 flower shapes (1 large and 1 small) and button.

How to make:

1. The plate had a crinkle shape around the outer edge. We cut slits 1 inch long and 2 inches apart around the plate to make petals.
2. We folded back every other petal and stuck it down with glue and also sellotape to secure it to make our flower shape.

3. We stuck the large flower shape in the middle of the plate and then the smaller one on top.
4. Using a pencil we then pushed a hole in the center of the flower.

4. We then threaded the pipe cleaner through the buttonholes in the button and pushed the pipe cleaner in the hole in the centre of the flower.

5. Using the pencil we then pushed a hole in the polystyrene cube and threaded that onto the pipe cleaner and secured it to the back of the plate.

6. We wrapped the crepe paper onto the wooden stick and secured it with sellotape.

7.To finish our flower windmill we coiled the pipe cleaner to the stick and our flower windmill was complete.

Our flower windmill did not spin in the wind as much as we would have liked it to , this is because we secured it with a pipe cleaner rather than a pin for safety reasons. However Little M was really excited with it and immediately wanted to plant her Flower windmill in the garden.

This post is part of the Bostik bloggers box challenge by Tots 100. All the craft items used in this post were supplied by Merrily Crafts.


  1. This is super cute! Crafting with little ones is so much fun :)

    Jess xo

  2. This looks great. It's really good for summer too x

  3. Brilliant idea - so bright and colourful. I'm finding my 5 1/2 year old is just the perfect age for starting to explore crafting with.

  4. I love how crafty you are! I just stick to stickers and washi tapes myself. Ha!

  5. I love the look of these boxes, saw one on another blog yesterday, they look like loads of fun and it's good to keep kids creative.

    Corinne x

  6. Such a cute craft set and the windmill looks great x

  7. What a lovely idea for a craft and that smoothie looks delicious. I am not familiar with this craft box but looks fun

  8. What a lovely post, I used to love doing crafts and making things with my kids when they were younger, but we never made these x

  9. I love how they send these packs out each month, it seems like such a fun thing to get through the post. I love your flower as well. x

  10. I've never seen these boxes before, I love that you have your tradition with your niece, bet she loves it :)

  11. The drink looks fab and I love the colourful windmill. It is so nice that you and your niece have these wonderful traditions!

  12. such an adorable craft box we get toucan box for my step son but this looks like a fab alternative x

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  13. Oh that windmill looks adorable! It's great that you were able to make it with your niece!

  14. What a area ta little craft to do. When my nephews are a bit older I'd love to do some sort of tradition with them!

  15. Ahhh I will have to give this a go - my kids would love it! H x

  16. This is such a good little box. What a great craft to do with the kids!

  17. This is such a brilliant idea for a windmill, I love having them in my plant pots x

  18. I always had so much fun playing with pipe cleaners as a child so any crafts with them included would have kept me occupied! I would've loved this :)

  19. What a fabulous craft idea. We love making things and yesterday made a hot air balloon. The windmill looks fab.

  20. The windmill looks like great fun and lovely to have in the garden over summer.

  21. What a brilliantly simple and beautiful craft! I was making bubble rope last week to share with the bloggers I might have to find a linky to share it with!

  22. What a lovely little project! Your little one did great, and the finished windmill is so cute!

  23. The windmill looks amazing, I love how bright it is! I bet your niece gets excited every time you get a box just to get crafty and to enjoy a smoothie, of course! xx

  24. i love crafting and am a big subscription box fan!

  25. Fantastic final effect. I can't wait for the time when Leo is a bit older and we can start creating things together.

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