Thursday, 9 June 2016

Zebra pot desk tidy for Father's Day #Bostikbloggers

Its time of the month when my Bostik craft box pops through the letterbox. As you all know I always look forward to these as I always team up with my niece Little M to discover whats in the box and create a craft with it. This month's theme is jungle inspired with lots of animal print papers, fukyfoam, pipe cleaners and jungle animal shapes in the box.

I invited Little M on Sunday afternoon so we could spend some time together and create a craft. As always we made a smoothie in my Froothie Optimum 9400. Little M loves choosing the fruits to put in the blender. I had mangoes and juicy ripe pears in the fruit bowl so we made a lovely mango and pear smoothie, I filled up a couple of on the go bottles to take with us to the park together with some cookies to enjoy. The weather was lovely and we had a brilliant time in the park. Little M loves going on the swings although it tiring pushing her as her feet are still too short to reach the ground to swing herself!!!

It got really hot so we decided to enjoy our smoothies and then head home. On the way home Little M and I chatted about what she did at school and how she likes her new room that was being decorated. We walked past some horses grazing in a nearby field and stopped to look at them. 

When we got home I let Little M look through the craft box and we decided we could make a Father's day present for her dad. Little M wanted to make horse!! My crafting talents are not that good so instead we chose some black zebra paper, some black paper and some stick on eyes from the box and decided to make a zebra pot for her dad that he could use as desk tidy. I had an empty plastic pot that was perfect to use for the project. You could use any cylindrical pot or wide mouthed jar for this project.

To make the Zebra pot you will need:

1 sheet Zebra print paper cut to fit around the pot.
Plastic pot or wide necked plastic jar
Scraps of black paper
Glue dots
Double sided tape
Animal eyes
Silver or white pencil pen to draw on black paper

1. Cut the zebra paper so that it fits the circumference of the pot.
2. Put some double sided tape or you can use glue and stick the paper around the pot.

3. Cut out two triangular shaped ears from the zebra print paper.
4. From the black paper cut two v shaped eyebrows.
5. From the black paper cut a oval shape for the zebra's mouth and nostrils and using silver pen draw on the nostrils and mouth.
6. Cut a little spiky tuft of hair for the zebra from black card.

7. Using either glue or glue dots position the eyebrows and eyes and stick them onto the covered pot.
8. Position the zebra's mouth and stick it on.
9. Position the ears and stick them on to the inside of the pot so that zebra print is forward facing.
10. Finally stick the tuft of zebras hair in the centre between the ears,

The completed pot can be used as a desk tidy o to hold pencils, pens etc and it can also be used as gift pot filled with some treats for a lovely present.

To create our father's day present we filled our pot with a snickers bar, some truffles and a small bottle of tipple.

Being part of the Bostik 2016 bloggers with tots 100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.


  1. What a lovely craft idea a cute personal fathers day gift

  2. The smoothie sounds lovely and the desk tidy is si cute! I wish I was more creative x

  3. Aw the pot is so cute and you can put so many sweet little things inside it, great idea x

  4. So adorable and a good craft idea x

  5. That is such a cool idea - will definatley be one to make with my family x

  6. Now that is one cute idea as a father's day gift! Love it! x

  7. Aw your Zebra pot is the cutest and would make a great gift for fathers day. I would love the smoothie too!

  8. Oh this is so clever. The Zebra's face is adorable! I want to make one!

  9. Cute container for gifting.. specially when you make it yourself you get much more satisfaction..satisfaction

  10. What a super craft idea to make with the kids. These Bostik kits sound great!

  11. Wow this is so creative. I wish I could try my hands on this

  12. Oh my god, what a cute idea. There's nothing better than a present you know a lot of thought and time has gone into it

  13. What a cute little project. I would love one of these myself.

  14. That is so adorable! How fun and creative x

  15. That is such a lovely and simple idea. Homemade gifts are so special.

  16. This looks so fun! I will have to try it for myself x

  17. I love this - what a cute idea for a Father's day gift :) xx

  18. Love how simple these look to make but how amazing they look too!

  19. Simply cute project. Lovely ideas to make your kid more creative.

  20. what a fun craft to do, a great gift for Dad's desk

  21. simple but beautiful cup for the perfect father's day gift

  22. What a cute little pot idea, and so lovely for Fathers Day! It's great that this is a craft project that the little ones can help with too. x

  23. I love this - such a cute idea and great gift for Father's Day :) Kaz x

  24. I love this craft pot! Even better that its filled with chocolate, but it looks the perfect activity to do with kids on a rainy day

  25. What a lovely craft idea I am sure any dad would love this as a present plus I am loving your mango and pear smoothies

  26. What an absolutely brilliant little craft tub - Perfect for putting so many Father's day presents in. I can see plenty of socks being rolled up into one this weekend!


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