Friday, 20 January 2017

Bedside table Spectacle Holder

I am sure like my self many people wear spectacles and have probably been told by their optometrist to look after the spectacles, not to put them facing down on the table, not to clean them with tissues and in a nut shell what they mean is treat them with respect. I have many spectacles cases to hold my spectacles but most of them are hard cases that are a little bulky for my bedside table.

I have been looking for an open top tall standing spectacle holder to place on my bedside table for ages. I wanted a holder into which I could just slip my spectacles in for safe keeping when I go to bed. I have yet to find a suitable holder so in the mean time I decided to make my own. This upright tube holder is perfect for holding my spectacles and it can be made in any size to accommodate any pair of spectacles. Furthermore you can make it to match your room decor too. You can use a left over piece of matching wall paper or fabric or you can colour coordinate the room colour. The options are endless.

To make the spectacle holder you will need:
1 piece of tube the same height as your spectacles measured across the spectacles
Fabric or paper of choice
1 piece A5 card


1. Place the tube onto the A5 card and draw a circle, now draw a second circle approx 1.5 cm bigger around it to make the base. Cut the cardboard circle out . 
2.Using the cardboard circle cut another circle same size from the patterned fabric or paper and stick it to the card.

3.To make the Spectacle holder place the tube onto the paper and measure out a 1cm line top and bottom of tube.
4. Draw lines on the two margins approx 1cm apart and snip these as this will help to stick the paper into the top of the tube and also on the bottom.

5. Glue the tube and then place it on the patterned paper and securely stick the overlapping edges.  
6. Fold in the snipped edges into the top edge of the tube and glue into place to neaten the top of the tube.
7. Fan out the snipped edges at the bottom of the tube and spread glue on them.
8. Place the tube centrally on the prepared cardboard circle and stick the fanned out edges so that the tube is now standing upright onto the cardboard disc.

9. Leave to dry and decorate the tube as required or leave it plain.
10. Once dry the spectacle holder is ready to use.


  1. Good idea! Might give it a go 👍🏻

  2. I really like the design of this spectacle holder craft. This would be quite useful for me as I usually just place mine on my bedside table and there are times that they get knocked off or I accidentally put items down on my glasses.

  3. This looks fun. I can't see any instruction though - perhaps it's a problem with my blog?!

  4. This looks like such a great idea! My sister could definitely do with one of these!

  5. I'm actually going to make one of these this weekend so thx for the inspiration!

  6. This looks awesome. I like the pattern on it too x

  7. That's a really cool idea! I know my mums always knocking her glasses off! I might make this for her for mothers day!

  8. Looks great and is so simple too!

  9. I think I'll have to make one of these such a good idea for keeping glazes safe.

  10. This is such a cute idea. I done something similar to this years ago for all my odd bracelets x

  11. This is a great idea! I have two girls who wear glasses and this would be perfect for them.

  12. What a great idea - my other half is forever trying to find his glasses in the middle of the night so this would be great for him x

  13. Such a clever and simple way to keep your glasses safe x

  14. This is a great idea my OH is always hunting for his in the morning

  15. You are very creative. This is such a simple idea but I would never have thought of it!! Love the last picture!!

  16. Looks very decorative. I will pass on the link to my grand daughter, she is also very creative.She is 8 yrs old and loves making all these things.

  17. I have too many pairs of specs to put in one of these - ha ha!

  18. What a great idea... I must get more crafty this year! I'm making a snack stadium for the super bowl... that's my crafty so far!

  19. Nayna, not only do I place them glass down but also tend to keep on losing them. land up looking for them everywhere. Love the idea of the spectacle holder and it looks so classy.

  20. This is a genius idea. I am forever just plonking my glasses down at night on the side. This would also mean because it's standing up right I would be able to see it much better. Thanks for this.

  21. This is brilliant. You could maybe even use this design to put pen/pencils in x

  22. That looks super cute and useful too, a really simple and effective idea.


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