Thursday, 24 January 2019

Valentines Coasters ~BostikCrafts Challenge January

Over the last couple of years my neice Little M and I have been creating craft using the monthly Bostik Boxes. We had a short break but I am happy to say that we have again joined forces with Bostik and will be featuring the occasional kid craft on this blog.This month the theme for the Bostik box is valentines and in our box we had some red and pink coloured crafting things to use together with the Bostik Mico Dots which are brilliant to stick together intricut shapes as the sheets have micro sticky glue dots that can be cut to ft any shape.

As always Little M came to spend a Sunday afternoon with me, it was really cold and wet so a trip to the park or even the garden was not an option. Not to be put off by this we decided to make some biscuits. After a delicious snack of biscuits and hot chocolate we started our crafting session.

Looking through the box there was a set of hama beads packet that Little M liked but we have already crafted with these in a previous post so I told her she could take them home and do acraft with it another time. We wre still thinking what to make?Little M is really bright and she had seen me use a coaster to place her mug of hot chocolate on it. It was her idea to make heart shaped coasters. 

So this is how we made them:

Equipment needed:

1 Piece Red card
2 Foam heart shape cut outs
Bostik Microdot sheets
Stiff brown card (we used the flap from the card boad box the item came in.) #recycling

How to make the Valentine coasters:

1. Cut the flap from the cardboad box and draw two 10 cm x10 cm squares and cut them out.
2. Draw two 10 cm x10 cm squares on the red card and cut them out.
3. Using the micro dots sheets peel them and stick them to the back of the red square and cut to size.
4. Stick the red card to the stiff brown card. Repeat this for all two cards.

5. Using the micro dots sheets peel them and stick them to the back of the red foam heart.
6. Trim away the extra micro dot sheet so it is follows the heart shape.
7. Position the foam heart onto the square red card and press to stick firmly.

8. Using the micro dots stick the small silver heart on to the coaster to give it a sparkly finishing touch. 

9.The coasters are ready to use. Since these coasters are made from card they are not waterproof so be careful not to put a wet cup on them.


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This craft is suitable for young children although, adult supervision may be required for using scissors. If you like this project check the link below for more art and craft projects, that you can do with your children.

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Being part of the Bostik 2018 bloggers with Tots100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.


  1. this is so awesome! and for once i have a valentine to spoil them with this. thank you

  2. I love the idea of making Valentine's Day coasters. These are simply adorable and would make a great family Valentine's Day gift idea.

  3. This is such a cute idea! You are so creative. This is so perfect for a valentines day gift.

  4. I love meaningful gifts! There is nothing better than DIY gift that comes from the heart. Thank you for sharing so creative idea!

  5. Nice craft-work, Surely would try this craft. This is would definitely come handy for people who can get creative themselves, Kids can try out this crafts.....

  6. Wow! That was definitely so amazing and so cute also! I really love doing DIY and Crafts! Thanks for sharing this cute idea!

  7. you have really nice ideas for valentine's day. this creative idea I may try this year.

  8. This is such a cool DIY gift idea. Love the fact the coasters will have a purpose and it`s not just a Valentine gift.

  9. A great idea to liven up any Valentine's Day celebration. This DIY coaster looks fun to do.

  10. They look so good. Thanks for sharing.

  11. this have come out so great, so neat with the glitter as well. I'd make such a mess if I did them x

  12. such a cute Valentine's Day gift idea. thank you for sharing!


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