Friday, 28 June 2019

Tyre maintenance before you plan any trip.

Pic courtesy of  Kevin Phillips

With the school summer holiday soon to start, it’s time to plan ahead some day trips and staycations for the family. Often day trips or overnight stays are enough to get a break and at the same time you can see and visit lots of different places.
It’s really important to make a list of places you plan to visit, what activities they offer, what the entrance costs will be and of course what sort of restaurants and food places are nearby. This year we are planning road trip to Scotland. Some of the places we plan to visit are Edinburg, Loch Ness, Inverness, Pitcochry, Ben Nevis and Glasglow.

 Pic courtesy of  Scozzy

Before the trip it is important that you have serviced your car and checked that it is in good working order. Check that lights, brakes and fluids are topped up and most important check that the tyres are all in good working order which is of paramount importance for the driver and the passenger’s safety.
 You should always make sure the tyre pressure is adequate and check them for any types of bulges, punctures or damage. Always make sure that the spare type is serviced too so that in case you need to change it is in full working order. There are many garages which will offer a tyre checking service, and even if you happen to require this service whilst travelling you can get the best local prices on tyres in Edinburgh at Point S

Whilst driving through Scotland’s scenic routes, the roads can often be difficult to drive on. Having good quality tyres will ensure road grip is provided and you can be safe from accidents or the vehicle getting out of control in the narrow winding roads. Other benefits of having the tyres checked is that is that it will help you to manage your fuel usage effectively and give you a smoother driving experience.

                                                         Pic courtesy of  Frank Winkler

With the car fully checked the next thing is to pack some spare blankets, food, drinks, first aid kit and lots of activities for the kids to do in the car. Always try and take frequent stops so everyone can stretch their legs and recharge. Driving in long stretches can be tiring and often dangerous, plan your trips so that the journey is manageable. Taking in turns to drive is also a good idea on long journeys.
Last of all enjoy the trip and be prepared if emergencies happen it is all part of the excitement of road trips.
I hope to write more about out trip in the forthcoming posts.

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  1. I think it's so important to have regular services just to ensure your car is always in good condition. We need to have a look at my boyfriends van as we're using it for a festival and holiday coming up x

  2. Really important and useful advice! I definitely need to be more car-aware..there's nothing worse than being stranded..

  3. This is so important especially before a long road trip! Gorgeous pictures!

  4. I use my car quite a lot on day trips etc with the children. Car maintenance and tyre care is so important

  5. My partner is due some new tyres for sure. He’s got his mot coming up so we’ll be getting them then. Laura xx

  6. Being on top of things including your car maintenance is non-negotiable.

  7. Good tips for tyre car for long trips. Tyre maintenance is anyway good whether taking trips or not. I love Scotland, enjoy your trip and looking forward to your posts about the trip.

  8. Really important and useful advice. So important to check your tyres.

  9. This is so important, especially ahead of a big trip. I think people often forget the importance of checking the safety of their tyres.

  10. Really useful advice to check your tyres.


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