Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Blog Props from Athens and Gran Canaria

As you know I love collecting food props and I have a lot in my collection such as these floral collections, brass plate  and Mexican props collection. Recently I have not written about my collection of blog props in a long time, this is not because I have not been collecting them, but because I have tried to curb my obsession as I am running out of storage space.

Those of you who have such an obsession will know that it's addictive and very hard to stop walking past a china or home ware store and not pop in.

Anyway, I do allow myself to prop hunt when I am on holiday and on my recent trips to Athens I bought two beautiful stoneware plates and found some great aged spoons in the local flea market and a pretty little single serve frying pan in the supermarket.

The plates and bowls are great for food photography as they have a dull finish and when clicking food photos there is no reflection or shine on them.

You can see how I have used the bowl and plate  in the photo shoots for my Carrot and Zucchini ribbon salad.

We also travel to Spain a lot as its only a short flight, booking through Villa Spain is a easy option. This time we went to Gran Canaries, I found some amazing hand painted plates at the local market. Made from terracotta, each plate is hand made and painted in vivid Canarian style and colours. Funny enough, I discovered a hook on the back of them so I was mistaken when buying them as food plates they are actually wall plates. I don't mind, I am happy to use them in food photos.

You can see how I have used these plates in my recent black corn salad blog post on my food blog.

I will definitely be looking for more props during my upcoming  visit to the Peloponnese Southern Greece this November.
Do you have an obsession for collecting things? How do you control it? Do share your ideas in the comments below.


  1. I love the bowls and plates! They're so unique and I love that you picked them up on your travels, it's such a lovely idea for blog props!

  2. They are all so pretty. How crazy we bloggers are when it comes to collecting props. Everywhere I go I do the same.

  3. I remember buying some lovely dishes from Greece when I visited 25 years ago but unfortunately i broke one. You have some great props perfect for food posts.

  4. I loved my bowls from greece but sadly time (and kids) took their toll. I need to visit and buy some more

  5. This is a wonderful idea, I often look for props whilst I'm at local markets etc but never thought to look whilst on holiday and bring something back

  6. Being a food blogger I can understand what you mean. I too nowadays lookout for food props. Loving your props and I specially loved those Stoneware plates.

  7. Those stoneware plates are absolutely gorgeous! What a lovely idea to pick up blog props on your travels.

  8. I know what you mean. It is so hard for me to resist and you picked up some gorgeous pieces. That salad looks fantastic in the Athens stoneware!

  9. Oh wow it is not just me then lol. these look stunning and I can see why you got them xx

  10. Beautiful plates! I always try and bring something back. My favourite place has to be Japan where I wanted to bring MOST things back! :D

  11. The grey ones are really cool! I’m looking for new props for photos and would definitely add some more stuff to my props collection.

  12. I love how you used those plates. I love collecting things too.


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