Thursday, 7 May 2020

My Top 10 Food Shopping Tips During Lock down

As we continue to be in lock down we are all spending more and more time in our homes and kitchen. We have all taken to shopping on line to get our food shop, treats, presents, basic essentials and indulgences.
The biggest shop that we all do is food. We are all eating at least three meals a day not forgetting the endless cups of tea and coffee and snacks throughout the day.

My top 10 tips for food shopping are:

1. Do a stock take of your pantry, fridge and freezer, making a list of all the items you have.

2. Plan your meals and make a meal plan and see if you have the required ingredients. Make a list of ingredients you do not have and what you will need to replenish. This way you are not buying random unnecessary groceries.

3. If you not in the vulnerable category and are able to go to the shops ensure you take with you plastic gloves, mask and wipes/sanitiser. I always wipe the trolley handle with my antibacterial wipes even if I am wearing gloves as I do not want to touch my purse etc with contaminated gloves. Have a shopping list ready so that you know exactly what you need to buy so to avoid impulse buys and limiting your time spent in the shop to a minimum. Ensure you take care of social distancing to stay safe.

4. If you self isolating due to health reasons, book an online slot for the groceries, check out local farm shops, bakers and fruit and vegetable vendors who offer delivery options. This also helps to support independent traders during the crisis.

5. Try and cook with fresh ingredients, making soups and pasta sauces from fresh produce is actually a lot easier and cheaper than you think. You can make these in bulk and freeze them too. Home cooked is so much healthier than tinned soups and pasta sauces. For inspiration check out this brocolli and sweet potato soup and baked pasta recipes.

6. If money is tight, which I think is for most of us have you considered going vegetarian or vegan? There are so many nutritious vegetarian and vegan recipes that are a lot cheaper to put together than having recipes with meat. If you are contemplating making the change, maybe start off as being vegetarian before totally changing to a vegan diet. If you do change to a vegan diet, or already are a vegan, I suggest you get a nutritional test done to see if  you are getting all the necessary nutrients from the vegan diet. If you are missing out on essential nutrients  you can start  to eat specific foods that will help to boost  the intake. There is a special 15% off  discount code available if you wish to take the test for yourself.

7. When shopping for ingredients, buy pulses, beans, grains such as couscous and quinoa. These can help to bulk up a stew or soup making it hearty and delicious at a low cost.

8. Sometimes larger packs of fruits and vegetables are often cheaper than buying  a small pack. Buy these you can always prepare them and freeze them for later use. Its handy to do this with carrots, peppers, swede, squash as all of these freeze well.

9. Tinned items and things like pasta and rice have long shelf life and are cheaper bought in quantity. Try to purchase the larger multi pack and split with your neighbour. Of course keep that social distance and leave it on their door step. You could also take it in turns to shop so you are limiting going out to the shops to a minimum.

10. Buy fruits in bulk and make your own juices and smoothies, they are much healthier and you can limit the amount of sugars in them. You can check out my ideas for smoothie packs for  the freezer.

How are you managing with your shopping, meal preps and cooking during this lock down? Do share your ideas and tips in the comments below.

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  1. I'm planning food for he week now, well you have to, to prevent going to the shops more than once. I always wipe the trolley and use hand sanitiser after. Great idea for smoothie packs

  2. It was perfect the first time. I learn so much from you as well! Keep it up great post.

  3. Thank you for this list. Last week I was wondering how do I sanitise the trolleys before going inside, as the sanitiser were inside. I forgot to carry the wipes, which I will next time. Loved all the little tips here.

  4. A few weeks back I went shopping and realized that though we sanitize our hands there are so many items we touch that might be infected by the virus. Its actually unbelievable right from our wallets, cards, phones, in my case sunglasses. Making a meal plan for the week is a brilliant idea as I usually tend to forget to order an ingredient.

  5. Lovely tips Nayna. Here we get all the stuff delivered at our door step. I also take utmost care to keep away the stuff for 24hrs after which I wash it well. It is said that adding a little baking soda to the water and soaking the vegetables in it is recommended during this time.

  6. My partner goes to do the shopping for us and wears a face mask and gloves whilst there

  7. These are great tips. We have been using a lot more fresh ingredients lately as we have had the time to prepare them and cook more difficult dishes.

  8. Great tips! I always find meal planning helps me so much and I have actually been so much more organised with my food shop during lockdown as I have wanted to minimise the amount of time I go out or spend in shops etc! We also try and have a few meat free days even if its just pasta or something which definitely helps keep the cost down!

  9. Kristine Nicole Alessandra15 August 2020 at 04:35

    These are all awesome tips. It is important that we plan our meals carefully. No food wastage if possible. I only buy stuff that we can consume for 3 days. We live close to a supermarket and a wet market too, so I just walk to get stuff I need. I also get in some much needed exercise that way.


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