Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Lock Down Home Renovations and New Engineered Wood Flooring

  Photo by Nolan Issac on Unsplash
2020 has been a testing time for everyone as we faced challenging times during lock down. Statistics show that so many people chose to learn languages, started cooking, gardening, and learning new skills such as DIY. Many of us took the time to renovate our homes and tackle all those pending jobs that needed time that we had put off.
We also took the opportunity during lockdown by replacing the floor in our dining room. We wanted a wooden floor so it's is easy to keep clean and any food spills can be easily cleaned up. We worked out our budget and after considering all options we opted for engineered wood flooring which is more affordable than solid wood flooring. This is because they are made with several layers of part wood floor, part man-made materials such as MDF and plywood. 
We were also advised that engineered flooring is great for areas affected by humidity and temperature as floors expand and the engineered floors are less sensitive to this change so there is less risk of damage and warping to the floor.
The floor specialists also explained to us that properly manufactured, engineered wood flooring is made using a cross ply contraction. This means that each layer of ply is staked with the grain running in the opposite direction. The plies are laminated together, which helps to prevent expansion and contraction.
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

There is a choice of finishes too, so you can choose any colour and style to fit in with your d├ęcor. I love the grey finish as it goes well with a modern design whereas the wood colours are nice for a more homely classic look. You can check out the full range of the different styles of the floor finishes at Flooring 365. They also provide samples and offer an excellent choice in designs.
The installation is easy, the flooring is durable, it is easy to maintain and keep clean too. In the winter we find the floor is not too cold although you can easily add a rug for the winter months.
We are so happy with our choice of flooring that we are considering redoing our day room with a wooden floor too. That is out next project to do in the next few months.
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  1. we are still wanting to do our flooring at some point (we have HORRIBLE carpet that wasn't installed properly by previous owners and I hate it haha) so this was really nice to see and read x

  2. Sounds like a great choice of flooring! Good luck with the project, can't wait to see the finished result.

  3. We have tried to focus on sorting out the house and garden as much as we can over lockdown and I am so pleased with the progress we have made but I am hoping we can change the flooring downstairs soonish.

  4. Oh wow what an amazing renovation you have had going on - the floor looks absolutely incredible! I shall be following along with interest.

  5. We just redid our floors everywhere except the bedrooms. Hardwood for the living room, dining room and kitchen, and tile looking vinyl for the bathroom

  6. Engineered wood definitely something I was in that rooms in my home which is carpeted at the moment.

  7. A wooden floor can change a room even a house if you get the right one, and a real wooden finish can be the best, great post.

  8. This flooring is beautiful! I love wooden flooring so much, it really opens spaces up and is so easy to keep clean, it's my favourite.

  9. We need to change our flooring and definitely going to check out Flooring 365! The finish looks great, especially the grey one

  10. We are really lucky that our landlord had put wooden flooring in our living room and although I would love it throughout the downstairs when renting you don't get a lot of choice. Laura | Tales of a Natural Spoonie

  11. The grey wood floor finishing looks so different and unique and I have not seen it before. I do prefer wood flooring in the kitchen and hallway over carpet

  12. My husband has just started a new job with a flooring firm and has so many new flooring ideas for our house. I would love wooden flooring though as it is so practical


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