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Family-Friendly Parks in Tokyo

I love travelling and my bucket list is increasing day by day. Sadly Covid has put a spanner in the works and my plans like everyone else's are on halt. Never the less it does not stop me from dreaming, planning and researching about all the places I want to visit when feasible. Disney vacation or Tokyo is one such place on my bucket list, it is a great place to visit either as a solo traveler or with your family and young children.

If you plan to tour Tokyo, Japan with your family, you will probably be wondering where you can spend some memorable moments with your young ones. It can be an overwhelming task to plan the best tourist spots for your family, especially if you plan to visit for the first time. We know that kids are generally playful - for that reason, you need to take them to a place where they can have fun playing around with other kids. You are probably not aware that Tokyo, Japan, is home to several fascinating parks and gardens, most of which are considered the most majestic in the world. This post introduces you to some of the best family-friendly parks in Tokyo, Japan, that you should consider visiting during your trip. 

Asukayama Park Playground

Asukayama Park

Asukayama Park, this is one of the oldest parks in Tokyo and Japan at large. The park has ample spaces as well as play areas where your kids can enjoy running around as you take a leisurely walk. Your kids will love the water play areas, swing sets, animal sculptures, elephant slide, climbing small mountains, etc. Asukayama Park Playground is open seven days a week all the year around, so that you visit whenever you have some time to spare.

 Ueno Park

Yet another excellent tourist destination that is worth your time is Ueno Park. The park houses the oldest Zoo in Tokyo and Japan, and also houses the children's zoo. There are many activities on offer at the children's zoo that the kids can engage in such as feeding small animals like rabbits, miniature horses and chickens. Ueno Park is also regarded as the best place to appreciate "Cherry Blossom Season" - you will witness more than one thousand trees as you walk across its several walkaways. You will also discover that the park is situated next to Lake Shinobazu - this makes it an ideal spot for relaxed strolls or picnics. You can hire a paddleboat to view the park from the lake perspective. There are no fees charged to enter this park.  

Showa Kinen Park

If you are looking for the best tourist destination that will give your kids some space to burn off some calories, Showa Kinen Park could be the place. The park is found just close to Tachikawa Station - and is popular as the most spacious park located in Tokyo, Japan. Showa Kinen offers more than you can complete within a day visit. You will need to camp around if you have to explore everything. Some of the things that will justify your visit to Showa Kinen Park include: 

Photo by Kazuo ota on Unsplash

Cherry Blossom

With more than 1500-cherry-blossom trees, the park turns pink amid springs. Countless trees such as Ginkgo and Maple color the park in yellow, orange, and red amid autumn. If you are lucky to come here amid these seasons, you will fall in love with the beauty of nature. Come with a camera and take a few photos here for Instagram and to preserve the memory.

 In the entire Tokyo, there is no other spacious park as Showa Kinen Park. You can rent a bike and  cycle around to explore the park. Here you can find trampolines and oversized hammocks to enjoy them.

Japanese Garden

If hiking and cycling is not your cup of tea you go for a relaxing visit at the Japanese Garden. It's the best place to chill as you seek peace of mind.There is an entry fee to visit this park.The Adults charge is 410 Yen while kids pay 80 Yen only.

Mt. Takao

For the active travellers who enjoy the countryside, you can do some hiking with your family in Tokyo, Japan. Mt Takao, located about a 1-hour drive from the city CBD by train, is the best place to hike with your  family.

Why Go to Mt Takao with Your Family?

  • Hiking/Lift/Cable Car
Once here, you are the one to decide how you want to find your way to the peak of the mountain (599m high). If you love walking as you explore, consider hiking - you will need about 70 minutes to find yourself at the summit.

  • Yakuo-in Temple
When you visit Takao Mountain, make sure you visit Yakuo-In Temple. It was founded in 744 as a Buddhism base in Japan. Emperor Shomu pioneered its foundation. You will witness monks here practicing their daily routine.

  • Takao Onsen
If you feel exhausted, consider going to Takao Onsen and soak your body in the Takao Onsen's Hot Spring. Here you will discover up to six different sorts of hot spring baths. Make sure you don't miss it.
The entry to the park is chargeable.

 Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai Rinkai Park is supposedly is the best place with your family, if you are looking for a nice change from the city's busy life. There are trails, beaches, large lawn areas, observation buildings and lots of places to just enjoy the views and relax.

  • Sea-Bird sanctuary
Here you will witness more than 157 wild bird species that your kids will love watching. There are birds such, Grey Heron, Osprey, Great Egret, etc.

Other attractions here include:
Sea Life park.Diamond & flowers, Ferries Wheel etc. The entrance is free to this attraction.

 The above park playgrounds are perfect for you when traveling to Tokyo, Japan, with your family. As you have learned, they feature many attractions, some of which you will never exhaust within a single day visit so plan your days accordingly so you can re visit and make the most of their beauty. 
Although there are other Park Playgrounds, the ones featured in this are the ones you should prioritize the next time you visit Tokyo.

There are also many other attractions, heritage and cultural sites that you can add to your itenary to make your trip varied and memorable.

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  1. I haven’t ever really thought about visiting Tokyo before but the blossom really has me sold! It just looks simply beautiful that I think it should be added to my bucket list x

  2. Tokyo is somewhere I would love to get to go and visit one day and these look like some beautiful parks to go and spend some time in.

  3. Oh wow what incredible parks to visit and explore . They look so different
    To the ones In the UK .

  4. Oh wow - Tokyo looks like such a stunning place to visit! I would love to go when the cherry blossom is in bloom :)

  5. Wow these parks look so stunning. I really want to go to Tokyo and Japan in general one year, I'd love to see Cherry Blossom but I know it's only around for a super short amount of time x

  6. Lots of great ideas for days out here. I've never been to Tokyo and have always thought of it as a crowded urban metropolis, but it's good to know it has some lovely green spaces as well.

  7. It is great that there are so many family friendly parks in Tokyo! I'd love to visit the city one day.

  8. It sounds like there are plenty of family friendly places to visit. Good to know as we'd probably take the kids with us if we went.

  9. WOW Tokyo is such an amazing place it is definitely on my must visit list but I had no idea there was such much to see and do for families! Cherry Blossom is my favourite so I think I would have to try and time my visit to see this, it looks so dreamy! x

  10. I would love to visit Japan and see its displays of cherry blossom, must be a sight to behold

  11. Its never really somewhere I have thought of visiting but it looks beautiful and picturesque. Who knows where I will end up when i dare travel again thought

  12. One day I'll visit too - amazing place


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