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Different types of allergies you can suffer from.


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10-30% of the world’s population suffers from some form of allergy. There are many types of allergies, some are seasonal and others are all year round. An allergy happens when the body’s immune system thinks a certain substance is harmful and reacts to it.   

A few types of allergies that people can suffer from are:

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Pollen allergy – this is commonly referred to as hay fever which presents with itching and running of the eyes or nose. It is particularly worse in the spring and summer months where more pollen is released from plants.

Mold and mildew – This can result from damp conditions in the home and surroundings.There is no easy way to avoid these, if your property has damp and mold it is better to fix and repair these to avoid ill health.

Latex allergiesMany items made from rubber such as balloons, shoes, clothing, bandages and toys have latex in them. If you are experiencing irritation when using these products, do check what they are made from so that you can avoid them.

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Pets  allergies- Pet hairs and fur are what most people are allergic to. People who are allergic to pets react with sneezing, wheezing and breathing difficulties. If you experience from these type of allergies, it is best to vacuum the hairs and furs frequently are and sanitise them frequently.

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Food allergies – Examples of these foods are seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Some allergies are mild and others can be life threatening. Some ingredients such as gluten or lactose can also cause allergies in many people.

Drug allergies - Certain medications and drugs such as antibiotics and creams can cause harmful side effects and allergies. If you are allergic to any of these medications, it is important to keep note of these medications.

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Insect allergies - Bees, wasps and certain insect bites can cause allergies in many people. Dust mites are very common and many asthma sufferers react to them badly.If you get an insert bite make sure you have an antidote for it and for mild allergies take antihistamines. Keep mattresses, furnishing and floors and carpets free from dust by vacuuming.

If you are interested to find out if you are allergic to anything, it is possible to take an allergy test.  Allergy tests can pinpoint  hundreds of allergies, so you can take advice from a specialist  on how to avoid these and tackle them with expert advice.

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Taking an allergy test could not be made simpler with the home allergy test. Everything you need to carry out for the test is included in the box. Once you get the test, all that is required is a small blood sample which you send to the klarify lab. The next step is for klarify to analyse the sample for over 296 allergens and send you a detailed personalised report within two weeks. If you are interested in taking an allergy test you can order a home allergy test from their website. It retails at £149.00


  1. Interesting post! Pollen is my arch nemesis.. I didn't realise so many suffered from allergies.

  2. It is surprising the amount of allergies there are around having home allergy tests are a great way to try to find out what allergeis you have

  3. Gosh that is an extensive list of allergies and I am pretty sure there will be many more out there. I suffer a tad in the summer with pollen but cannot say I have allergies as such. Those home tests are a fab idea though! Sim x

  4. My fiancé suffers really badly with his pollen allergy and his hayever can get quite bad so he gets an injection each year to help with the suffering x

  5. There are so many allergies out there and it is important to find out if you are allergic to any of them by taking a test.

  6. I definitely have a pollen allergy but I may also have a cat allergy - I definitely need to find this out. Its good that you can do allergy testing.

  7. I've had seasonal allergies since I was a kid. Totally different pollens though. I need to try one of these tests and learn which in particular so I can prepare accordingly!

  8. I have coeliac disease and it can be tricky to explain to people as it doesn't work in the same way as food allergies.

  9. The older i get the more i suffer

  10. Interesting post my partner suffers terribly with allergies and finds it difficult to get any medication that works


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