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Polar Credit an easier money borrowing option.

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We all get that moment or time in life when we are strapped for cash. It might be due to an emergency, home repairs or an unexpected car expense. This is when we dive into our savings or an emergency pot. However we don’t all have that emergency pots or savings to dive into so what do we do? We might be lucky to have family that help out, but again we might not all be that fortunate. So what is our option?

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There are many borrowing options such as bank overdraft, using credit card, securing bank loans, taking out payday loans, using a pawn broker or other money lending vendors. All these types of borrowing incur lots of interest and it is important to check the interest rate and payment terms as they can build up to make the repayment very expensive and you could get in to debt very easily. You can also consider the option of option of Polar credit.

What is Polar Credit?

Polar credit is a new, simple way to get fast, accessible credit. They are a direct lender who makes their own lending decisions and you are not required to have a guarantor to borrow money. They also reward customer loyalty by reducing the interest after one year of opening the account, then again after another 6 months.

How does Polar credit work?

1. Apply online -You can do this using an online form which is easy to fill.

2. Choose a credit limit- You can apply for a credit limit that works for you and, if approved, use it as and when you need to. The good thing about polar credit is that you only pay for the amount you use not for the amount you ask to borrow.

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3. Transfer- You can request to transfer money to your nominated bank account whenever you need the funds. You can transfer as much money from your agreed amount as you need, the minimum amount starting from £25

4. Repay- The repayments are flexible, you can pay the agreed minimum payment each month. However if you wish to and can afford it you can pay more than the minimum requirement whenever you want to. There are no early settlement fees and you can continue to make further transfers into your bank account at any time as long as you comply with the terms of your credit agreement.

We all get sudden emergencies or occasions when we need to borrow money. It is important to research and do this with caution and only borrow what you can payback to avoid getting into debt.

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