Monday, 28 June 2021

How to brighten up a dark room in your house.

If your home is an old build or has high ceilings and dark wood it can make the room look dark and dingy. Have you experienced this? There are several ways that you can brighten the room and open it up. 

Some ideas to help to brighten a dark room:

  • Paint the walls and in a light colour 
  • Paint the doors and skirting boards in a light colour

 Image from Pixabay

  • Replace the floors with wooden floors or fit a pale coloured carpet if you are carpeting the room
  • Light coloured or pastel curtains and bed linen will help to keep the room bright and airy. Avoid dark colours except to add a pop of colour in the form of throw cushions and rugs

Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

  • Keep the room clutter free and minimalistic as to create space.
  • Pine or white furniture will add openness to a room, avoid dark furniture.
  • Invest in good lighting and lamps dotted around the room to give more lightening.

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash

Lastly if you own the property and you have scope to renovate you can add aluminium framed flat fixed roof lights. These will instantly add natural light into a dark room and they are the perfect solution to make the room brighter and lighter.

What are framed flat fixed roof lights?

Framed Flat flat fixes Roof lights are set in the roof to help to increase the flow of natural light into indoor spaces. They also offer good thermal insulation and light transmission.  The glass that the roof lights are made from is energy efficient and designed to prevent heat escaping out through your roof light. 

 Image supplied by Tuffx Glass

The Aluminium Frame has a thermal break  which helps to create an insulated barrier and reduces the transfer of heat and cold through the frame decreasing condensation and improving energy efficiency.

The roof lights are made by Tuffx, in the UK; all their products are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are tested vigorously to ensure that they provide the best quality in materials.Tuffx are well experienced as they work on both domestic and commercial projects.

 Image supplied by Tuffx Glass

The roof lights are available in double glazed or triple glazed safety and are available in clear, solar and privacy glass too.The roof lights are custom made to your room size requirements and ready for delivery within 3-4 days.These flat fixed roof lights are the perfect way to add extra light to a dark and gloomy room so why not choose fixed rooflights to let natural light into your home

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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Reclaim Your Life (and your space) with Effective Storage

It’s surprising just how easily possessions start taking over your space. Before you know it, the cupboards are full, the surfaces are crowded and there’s nowhere to put anything.Sometimes you definitely need more space, other times you need a new way of using the space you already have. These expert tips will help you make the best of both solutions.

 Make Furniture Work Harder

Furnishings should absolutely be decorative, stylish, and attractive. But it makes sense to see that it's also practical and functional.Storage furnishings can make any room feel bigger and brighter because it gives you a space to put the annoying little things that clutter up surfaces.

We’ve all got TV remotes, games controllers, mobile phones and their accessories, cables, and chargers, not to mention tablets, laptops, notebooks, pens and spare batteries. A drawer or shelf in an occasional table means you can keep the surface clear. The same goes for a coffee table with a lift-up lid or a shelf underneath for magazines or books.


You could also make use of footstools with storage, trunks, or fancy chests, or even just a decorative basket or tub as somewhere to pop in the corner and hold toys - either for children or pets.

Upstairs, take the same approach with bedroom furnishings. If you have a divan or ottoman bed, make use of their storage spaces, and if you use a frame bed, invest in some under-bed storage tubs. The ones on wheels are handy and easily retrieved when you want to clean or get something out.

The wardrobe too, can probably hold more than you think. Add a second rail under the first for short garments or use a couple of tension rods at the bottom to keep shoes neat and in pairs. One of those plastic drawer towers is also a nifty addition. It may not look pretty, but inside the wardrobe no-one will see, and you’ll get lots of space for folded items, undies or accessories

Rethink Storage Options

Sometimes you need to clear some space, which goes a bit further than reorganising the things you own. This gets tricky because possessions are often precious. Maybe inherited items, treasured photos, collectibles, souvenirs or just stuff you love but don’t use much.

Instead of making heart wrenching decisions to get rid of things you love but have no room for, self storage rooms give you the best of both worlds.

Some people like to take a seasonal approach. During winter, they store stuff they only use in the summer months, and vice versa. Everything from garden machinery and furnishings to winter coats, motoring accessories or just somewhere to store luggage between holidays, we’ve all got lots of possessions that have a seasonal cycle of use.

The cool thing about self storage, apart from handy locations you can get to in a flash, is the way you can customise the room. As long as you don’t hammer or drill into the walls, you can install shelves or drawer units to keep your room organised.


 Image by Pixby

 A Few D├ęcor Ideas

Like it or not, we're all products of the society we live in, and we tend to do what society dictates is the 'norm'. This applies as much to arranging furniture as to social behaviour. But if you haven't got room for a big sofa, there's no rule that says you can't have three chairs instead. They're easier to move around and group together, and a footstool lets you put your feet up as well as giving a bit of extra seating when it's needed.

Other space saving decor tips include:

Taking off your traditional swinging doors and installing sliding doors instead. You'll lose a little wall space where the door slides but gain a lot of floor space because the door won't take up as much room.

  • Use wall lights instead of floor lamps.
  • Have one big rug instead of a couple of smaller ones. Small rugs tend to break up the floor area, creating a more closed-in feeling.
  • Choose sofas and armchairs with legs. Even short legs let light circulate while throwing less dense shadows.
  • Pale colours on the walls. If you like strong, bold, shades, have an accent wall and echo the stronger colours in cushions, pillows or throws.

Photo by Darren Richardson on Unsplash


These all help create a unified look that makes a room appear ordered and organised. The odd bit of clutter is more easily forgiven when the overall atmosphere is spacious and calming.
The biggest benefit of sorting out your things, whether with home storage or self storage, is the mental freedom it creates. You can get on with anything without having to clear space first, and when you want something, you'll know exactly where to look to find it.·   

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