Monday, 28 June 2021

How to brighten up a dark room in your house.

If your home is an old build or has high ceilings and dark wood it can make the room look dark and dingy. Have you experienced this? There are several ways that you can brighten the room and open it up. 

Some ideas to help to brighten a dark room:

  • Paint the walls and in a light colour 
  • Paint the doors and skirting boards in a light colour

 Image from Pixabay

  • Replace the floors with wooden floors or fit a pale coloured carpet if you are carpeting the room
  • Light coloured or pastel curtains and bed linen will help to keep the room bright and airy. Avoid dark colours except to add a pop of colour in the form of throw cushions and rugs

Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

  • Keep the room clutter free and minimalistic as to create space.
  • Pine or white furniture will add openness to a room, avoid dark furniture.
  • Invest in good lighting and lamps dotted around the room to give more lightening.

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash

Lastly if you own the property and you have scope to renovate you can add aluminium framed flat fixed roof lights. These will instantly add natural light into a dark room and they are the perfect solution to make the room brighter and lighter.

What are framed flat fixed roof lights?

Framed Flat flat fixes Roof lights are set in the roof to help to increase the flow of natural light into indoor spaces. They also offer good thermal insulation and light transmission.  The glass that the roof lights are made from is energy efficient and designed to prevent heat escaping out through your roof light. 

 Image supplied by Tuffx Glass

The Aluminium Frame has a thermal break  which helps to create an insulated barrier and reduces the transfer of heat and cold through the frame decreasing condensation and improving energy efficiency.

The roof lights are made by Tuffx, in the UK; all their products are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are tested vigorously to ensure that they provide the best quality in materials.Tuffx are well experienced as they work on both domestic and commercial projects.

 Image supplied by Tuffx Glass

The roof lights are available in double glazed or triple glazed safety and are available in clear, solar and privacy glass too.The roof lights are custom made to your room size requirements and ready for delivery within 3-4 days.These flat fixed roof lights are the perfect way to add extra light to a dark and gloomy room so why not choose fixed rooflights to let natural light into your home

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  1. These are some great tips for brightening up a dark room! We are lucky that most of our rooms are quite light but will definitely be trying these for our darker ones.

  2. These are all great tips. I love the sound of the roof lights they are perfect for getting more natural light in.

  3. I can definitely need some more light in my home. Natural light has such a great benefit on our mental health, it's important to let it in and not block it with curtains.

  4. I definitely think clutter can make a room seem dark. Our living room has quite a lot of stuff in it, plus the lights aren't super bright so it can feel dark in there x

  5. It can be quite tricky to bring light into a room but I love the sound of these windows!

  6. There are some really good ideas here for sure. I always find that keeping clutter free is a good one x

  7. These are some great tips and tricks. We painted all of our home white to keep it bright and just decorate with frames and candles :)

  8. Some really great tips. I have one room in my house that doesn't really get any natural light. So I painted it white, and use lots of lamps etc, and now it looks really cosy

  9. Although it's expensive, I do like the idea of putting in overhead windows. Great for light!


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