Monday, 18 July 2022

Stockholm in three days Part 3- Stockholm City Library

Stockholm is a very beautiful city and full of history, If you like city breaks this place is a must visit. You can easily cover all the sites over three days and if you haven't read my Stockholm day 1 and Stockholm day 2, I highly recommend you check these posts out . I have covered how you can stay on a budget and explore the city without breaking the bank.

On our third and last day in Stockholm we had half a day to explore the city before making our way to the airport for our late afternoon flight. After breakfast we packed and checked out of out hostel. We were able to store our luggage at the hostel as we set off to explore more of Stockholm. 

Our first stop was the Observatorielunden a park very close to Drottninggatan. It is set upon the hill top, with an observatory that dates back to 1700 century. there is a cafeteria and ample seating so you can enjoy the calmness only a stones throw from the city centre. 

Not far from the Observatorielunden, only a short walk away is the famous Stockholm Central public library. You will wonder what is so special about it? 

The Stockholm Public Library was created by Gunnar Asplund. He was a world-famous architect and he designed this beautiful library, the design is called a Swedish Grace. 

The spiraling book shelves on several floors house thousands of literature. Just walking around these corridors and feeling the books is an experience in its self.

After the library we walked into town and stumbled across a flea market. We obviously had to stop and take a look.Those of you who know me I have prop obsession as I also write a food blog so the Flea market was a good find. I found some pretty vintage spoons to bring home.

All the sight seeing and walking makes you hungry. It was time for another fika, Swedish coffee and cake stop but we were very tempted by the amazing pancakes at Choijs Pancakes We gave in and ordered two pancakes. Greedily as we ploughed through them we had to admit defeat as neither of us could manage to finish our plates.

After a final look in the shops we had to collect our luggage and make way to the airport for our flight home. If we had had more time we would have loved to visit Vasa Museum, set up from the only 17th century ship that was salvaged. You can visit this museum together with entrance to the Vrak a museum about wrecks. For the ABBA fans, a visit to the ABBA Museum is a must and of course for those who like  photography the  the museum of Fotografiska, photography museum is another one not to miss. It is set in the custom house showcasing contemporary art.

Our three day city break to Stockholm was really enjoyable.There were many things we would have liked to do and places to visit which we hope we can do next time we go to Stockholm.

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  1. That library looks absolutely amazing! That's the kind of place that I could get lost in.

  2. Oooh I would definitely have to check out the library, too! I read all the time and love finding new books and just being at the library. That one looks so much neater than my library here.

  3. That library is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this adventure with us :)

  4. Wow! That library is beautiful. I have never travelled to Sweden but it is somewhere that I have always loved the idea of visiting

  5. I definitely didn't see enough when I went to Stockholm, the library looks like a cool place to visit x

  6. I've heard a lot about Stockholm but I've never been...Such a beautiful city, I would love to explore it soon.

  7. Wow what a beautiful library love the architecture. Those pancakes look amazing - Talya

  8. Stockholm is so nice...completely different from what I thought but lots of great sights to check out.

  9. What a beautiful place to visit!

  10. I love visiting libraries when I visit a new country and all I can say is Wow, loving Stockholm Central public library

  11. I love visiting libraries when I visit a new country and all I can say is Wow, loving Stockholm Central public library

  12. What a neat place to visit. It would be fun to explore Stockholm and see the different sites.

  13. It is so neat to explore places, and it seems like you used your limited time well! Thank you so much for sharing these locations.

  14. Stockholm sounds a lovely place to visit. Thank you for bringing it alive with your blog posts and photos.

  15. I love Stockholm, it's got such a great vibe and perfect for a short break weekend.


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