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The benefits of piling foundations for your property

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We have been recently searching for a new property but the property prices are really high for what we want. We have started to look at other options such as moving out of London to the suburbs as property is cheaper and also purchasing a smaller property that has ample land with a scope to extend. This option was recommended to us by our estate agent and we are seriously looking into it as it means we can initially move into a smaller property and when we can afford it we have the opportunity to extend. 

We thought this was an option to consider.  The agent gave us some information and details about property extensions and this is when we discovered about piling foundations.

What are Piles Foundation?

Piles foundations are long poles made from wood, concrete or steel. The art of piling dates back centuries when these poles were placed under homes to build a sturdy foundation. With the need for more housing becoming a bigger issue and the lack of strong land to build them on, piling foundations is becoming well needed. Here are some reasons why piling foundations for your property may be beneficial.

Why Use Piles Foundation?

Homes tend to be heavy and in consistent use. Many find a home and choose to live in them for a relatively long period of time which means having a home with a strong foundation is a necessity. Piling allows a high weight capacity and can allow foundations to hold extremely heavy buildings easily. Pilings are generally installed by professionals and are specified so that won’t be a concern. 

Many areas of land that could be homes to new buildings are made up of weak soil which doesn’t allow work to take place. However, with ground investigation being done, it can be determined what is needed to help this. Piling tends to be a great way to transform weak soil to be able to hold strong and weighted buildings.

They are a good way to create a neat piece of work as pile foundations are built deep in the ground and are not visible later on. Best of all, piling can be done anywhere, especially in areas that can’t really be drilled, which is why they are becoming a common method for building strong foundations. 

How easy is to Install Piling Foundation?

They can also be installed in any area in long lengths. This is great for someone who would potentially look at creating a new home from scratch in an area that may be difficult to build on. Lastly, the sizing for piling is pre-made in factories which make construction much faster and easier. 

We are happy to have learnt about this option and will definitely consider it as our property search continues.

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