Monday, 18 July 2022

Top tips for installing a garden fence

Finally in the UK we are getting some warm sunshine. It is the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors in the garden. Vitamin D is really good for your health, body and mind. We love dining out doors and relish every opportunity to spend time in our garden. That's why its important to ensure that our garden is clean and tidy and well kept and that we have privacy too.

A home’s boundaries are an important thing to have to separate your space from your
neighbours, as well as creating a strong sense of security. While a hedge seems attractive
and a good solution, they can take up to several years to grow. A stone wall can also be a
good choice to surround your home, although it can become quite costly. Fence posts tend
to be the go-to solution as they can be found at affordable prices and installed in a matter of
days. Here are some tips on how to install a garden fence.

1. The first thing to scan the area that you’d like to install the fence in. Check for
anything that could be damaged whilst installing and figure out if you’ll need to
access someone else’s property to get the job done. There is no right or wrong time
to do it but avoiding very hot, cold or wet conditions are best.

2. Figure out the materials you may need to get the fence up securely. These could be
from tape measures, screws, drills, hammers, fence panels to even cement mix. Do a
good amount of research so you can get the work done quick.

3. Remove any rocks, plants or debris from the area you’re going to be installing the
fence in to ensure it sits well in the ground. Mark down an area with string to ensure
your fence is straight and not wonky which won’t be pleasant to the eye.

4. Dig holes deep enough to hold your fence up strong and follow that by marking out
positions and creating holes for the remaining fences.

5. Consider a gravel board to allow water to flow away instead of being soaked up by
the wood before lowering your fence into place. You may need assistance for this

6. Secure your fence well and consider applying a protective paint to the fence to
ensure it stays in better condition for a longer period of time.

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