Thursday, 18 August 2022

PAJ Easy Finder 4G

I travel a lot and it's really important to ensure that my luggage is safe and reaches its destination. I was thinking how I could do this? I looked at various options and that is when I came across the idea of purchasing a tracking device. After much research I came across the PAJ Easy Finder 4G tracker. 

What is the PAJ Easy Finder 4G tracker?

The PAJ Easy finder is a new generation of GPS trackers with 4G coverage. It is suitable for vehicles, people, valuables and luggage. It is compact and small enough to fit into a pocket. The tracker comes with a charging cradle, M2M SIM, USB power outlet adapter and a leather pouch for storage. 

How easy is it to set up the PAJ Easy Finder 4G Tracker?

After unboxing the tracker and before the first use it requires to be charged for 8-12 hours. 

Next down load the PAJ app alternatively you can use the desk top version if desired.

Log into the and purchase a subscription, Next activate the device.

How does the PAJ Easy Finder work?

The Paj Easy Finder works with a sim card on a 4G or 2G network or a mixture of both. It is able to live track any item and provides instant alerts. The tracker provides live tracking in over 100 countries. The tracker has a 14 days battery life, however the more the tracker is moved and it will send more alerts using up more battery life so it may not last the full 14 days. It also has standby mode.

It provides:

Motion / vibration alarm

Alarm notification as soon as the GPS tracker is shaken or moved.

SOS alarm

Alarm message as soon as the SOS button is pressed.

Radius alarm

Alarm message as soon as the GPS tracker leaves the specified radius.

Speed alarm

Alarm notification as soon as the GPS tracker exceeds a certain speed.

Battery alarm

Alarm message as soon as the battery level is low.

I used the PAJ Easy Finder tracker in my suitcase on a recent trip to Portugal, it gave me the reassurance that I was able to track my suitcase every step of the way with alerts.  

Once the tracker was set up, all that was required was to place the Paj tracker that was fully charged in my suitcase amongst my clothes. I found it easy to set up and use. It provided all the information I required about my bag.

The tracker offers many functions, some more complicated than others which enables you to obtain highly detailed reports about the item you are tracking through live maps, distance, range finder and past history. 

What is the total cost of the PAJ Easy Finder 4G tracker?

The tracker can be bought from Amazon and there are different types available for tracking various things. My main use for this tracker was for travel. The Paj Easy Finder 4G Tracker that I had was  £48.99 plus £5.00 for 1 month Subscription. There are various different models available that are priced according to the model and facilities they offer.

  • The tracker was very useful as it sent me shock alerts notifications promptly and accurately.
  • I was able to track device live on a map showing route information. This was useful as we had a wedding dress in our suitcase and we had peace of mind knowing where the suitcase was every step of the way.
  • The two week battery life was useful as it lasted the duration of our holiday.
  • The instructions were unclear regarding leaving the tracker on in the aeroplane hold, however a call to the customer services cleared this and they said it was OK. I was told that the new manuals will be updated with this missing info.
  • There were various options for the subscription purchase to suit your needs such as monthly, quarterly or annually. 
  • My device did not send me a low battery notification although the instructions says it should. A call to the customer services soon resolved this small glitch.

Overall the tracker served it's purpose well, the customer support was good and efficient. I will continue to use it on my travels as I found it useful.The tracker was gifted to me and all the points raised in this post are of my personal experience using it.

*Collaborative post   


  1. I really need to get this! We travel a lot, and I hate to think of what could happen if I lost anything.

  2. This is such a great idea! We travel a lot so it would be perfect for us. It could also be good for when my kids eventually start to venture out on their own.

  3. I think for those who travel this is an essential. I know how often things get lost in transit so I can see the pros outweighing the cons here. Thanks for the honest review!

  4. oh I love this!!! This is an awesome idea actually. We travel and explore a lot, this is very important.

  5. What a fantastic idea as we often travel in a group and luggage sometimes get misplaced so this would help us find our bags

  6. Brilliant. Before Covid I travelled a lot too. Hopefully will get back on the plane soon. Never thought of this. What a fab idea.

  7. This is a fun idea, definitely something my son would love to play around with on our travels


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