Events~In my VEG BOX

1st June-30th June 2015
In my VEG BOX ~  Spring Onion
Round Up

1st May-31st May 2015
In my VEG BOX ~  Butternut Squash
Guest Hosted by Mayuris Jikoni
Round Up

1st April -30th April
In my VEG BOX ~ Garlic
hosted by citrusspiceuk
Round Up

1st Mar-31st March 2015
In my VEG BOX ~ Courgettes
Guested by Manjiri sliceoff me
Round Up

1st Feb- 28th Feb 2015
In my VEG BOX ~Beetroot
Guest hosted by Marudhus Kitchens
Round Up

1st Jan- 31st Jan 2015
In my Veg BOX ~ Sweet Potato
Guest Hosted by Heidi
Round Up 

1st Dec-31st Dec 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Green Beans
Hosted by Beulah of Full Scoops
Round Up

1st Nov-30th Nov2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Mushrooms
Hosted By Mayuri's Jikoni
Round Up

1st October - 31st October 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Peppers
Hosted by citrusspice
Round Up

1st Sept-30th Sept 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Cabbage
Guest Hosted by Amrita of Motions and Emotions
Round up

1st Aug-31st Aug 2014
In my VEG BOX ~Aubergines
Guest hosted by Beulah of Full scoops
Round up

1st July-31st July 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Sweetcorn

1st June-30th June 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Spinach
Guest Hosted by Chef Mireille
Round Up

1st May- 31st May 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Cauliflower
Guest Hosted by Manjiri of Slice of Me
Round Up

1st April-30th April 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Onions
Guest hosted by Tina of Spicy Pear
Round up

1st March-31st March 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Tomatoes
Hosted By Nayna citrusspice
Round Up

1st Feb-28th Feb 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Potatoes
Guest hosted by Mina of Give me some spice
Round Up

1st Jan- 31st Jan 2014
In my VEG BOX ~ Carrots  
Hosted By Nayna citrusspice
Round Up

Coming up :
Currently on summer break

Available for guest Hosting;

1st Sept-30th Sept 2015
In my VEG BOX ~  Spring Onion

1st Oct -31st Oct 2015
In my VEG BOX ~ Avocado

This event is open for guest hosting if you are interested please drop me an email.

Please only offer to guest host if you can give the event your full commitment.
This means that you must participate in the event yourself by cooking minimum two recipes to enter, promote the event through social media  to bring more awareness to it.The round up must be posted within 7 days of event closing.I can provide thumbnail linky code to make this easier.


  1. Hi Nayna, am interested in hosting, I have sent you a mail. Do let me know. Thanks!

  2. hi nayna!I wish to join ur event.Could u tell me the rules.If u wish to join in my events kindly logon to

  3. Hi Nayana This is Prerana from I am interested in hosting .Can you let me know how should we further proceed.

  4. I've never really got to grips with butternut squash.


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