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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Testing the Fellows sit /stand desks. #FellowsOnTheMove

Nowadays we are all so educated on the importance of healthy eating, exercise and living a balanced lifestyle. However one of the most important things that we overlook is how much time we spend working. Many of us sit at a desk, hunched up for up to 10 hours plus a day and then go home and sit at a PC for another couple of hours. Have you ever thought of the effects this has on your body?

Have you ever checked your chair to see if it is right for you or that the desk you use is at the correct height? These factors are really important to monitor as it can dramatically effect your posture.We all suffer from mental stress but have you noticed you get aching limbs after a hard day at work? This may be due to the way your work space is set up and long  periods of sitting stationary and lack of stretching and exercise. Prolonged sitting effects your digestion, breathing, concentration and focus too. It can also result in obesity.

I recently attended an afternoon event hosted by Viking in collaboration with Fellows where they were showcasing their sit/stand desks and workstations. I had the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, nibble some graze box snacks and enjoy refreshments before trying out the desks. I also learn't a simple deskercise routine with Claire from Exercise in the City that can be easily incorporated in my working hours and also create some delicious smoothies with the guys from  Mr Flavour Events.

A Sit-Stand Workstation or Work Platform from Fellowes will fit onto your existing desk, and you can change your working position easily with a minor adjustment to suit your individual needs. You can use the desks standing or sitting so that you can include a few stretches and general deskercise whilst working .The desks come with special mats that allow you to have a comfortable standing position whilst working.

Together with having the perfect set up for your work station, it is equally important to eat and drink healthy and keep hydrated at all times. Fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies are great to get your five a day and they keep hunger at bay too. The lovely guys from Mr Flavour Events created for us some amazing smoothies to sample and then encourage us to create our own. I made a coconut berry burst which tasted delicious.

After an informative afternoon we had to opportunity to enjoy a mini massage session with the ladies from The Pamper Company. I certainly enjoyed the head and neck massage which was most relaxing.

After attending the event I have vowed to make some life style changes and also check that my work station is better set up for me. Now is the time re evaluate your lifestyle and make some changes, do share in the comments below any tips you have.

I was a guest at the event by viking all opinions are my own. Few of the photos included in the first two collages are courtesy of  Eloisa Georgiou. The remaining photos were taken by me.


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