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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags ~Bostik Challenge

October brings us Halloween to look forward and all the shops are selling lots of ghoulish sweets, treats, fancy dress costumes and masks.There is also an abundance of pumpkins around if you fancy pumpkin carving. I am not very good at it so I stick to cooking with pumpkin instead.

This week I had my crafting buddy Little M over for a few hours, her parents know that I have an obsession with food props and they bought me two lovely pumpkin shaped jars with lids and straws  as a Halloween gift. As always we make smoothies before we start crafting so Little M and I made a Halloween smoothie to serve in my new pumpkin jars. We made our smoothie with mango, carrots, apple and ginger and a dash of honey. It tasted delicious and looked great served in my new pumpkin shaped jars. Don't you think they are adorable???

After smoothie time, Little M was telling me that she is going to dress up as a witch on Halloween and she is going to go with her parents to a Halloween party. Luckily the theme for the Bostik box was also Halloween so we made these little Trick or Treat bags and filled them with some Halloween gifts, like plastic spiders, chocolate eyeballs and pumpkins and Halloween stickers.

To make the Trick or Treat Bags you will need:

2 small paper bags with handles
Halloween themed printouts like skulls or witches. We used the napkin that was in the craft box with skulls on it.
Bostik Glue
Treats to put into the bag.
Black tissue paper

How to make:

1.Using scissors carefully cut out 2 Halloween shape so that they fit on the paper bag.

2. Glue the cut outs on each side of the bag.

3. Scrunch up the tissue paper and place inside the bag, fill the bag with treats and gifts.

This craft is suitable for young children although, adult supervision may be required for using scissors.

If you like this project check the link below for more art and craft projects, that you can do with your children this Autumn.

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Being part of the Bostik 2017 bloggers with Tots100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Halloween sweet treat gift cups video

Halloween sweet treats gift cups video.

The month of October brings Halloween, shops will be full of costumes, trick and treat goodies, pumpkins, witches and many devilish item.These lovely Halloween gift pots are easy to make and will make really good trick and treat presents. The simplicity of them makes them a perfect supervised activity for parent and child.

These little gift cups are perfect for filling with sweet treats, mini gifts such as pencils, cookies,hair accessories for little girls or marbles for boys.The options are endless.


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