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Friday, 15 September 2017

Basic kitchen essentials when furnishing a flat.

In my last two posts I have written about 10 things to do when renting a flat and look out for when choosing a flat to rent, I then followed a post about furnishing the flat with basic essentials and finally this post is all about what basic kitchen essentials we bought for the flat.

Although it is not essential and compulsory to have all these items, it certainly makes life easier if you do have them, especially if you are a foodie and enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen.

Below is a list of items we added to the kitchen.:

1. Kettle, this is just a basic design that does the job.
2. Toaster, Sandwich toaster, both these items are handy and extremely useful. It saves having to use the grill in the oven and much safer.
3. Microwave, not essential but really handy to warm up food and make quick speedy meals.

4. Plates, bowl, mugs, glasses, these are essential and a necessity in any kitchen.

5. Microwave safe glass dish and server, I love having these as you can cook nad serve in the same container.
6. Food storage containers, always useful to have to store cookies, cereals, spices, grains to keep them fresh.

7. Cutlery spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons, these are an essential item and a must in any kitchen.

8. Cooking utensils such as chopping knife, paring knife, kitchen scissors, wooden spoons, silicon spatula, whisk, grater. I like these items as some of them are two in one saving space .

9.Disposable chopping boards, these make clean up easy and less chances of cross contamination.

10. Saucepans, frying pan, wok, these basic cookware is again another essential to cook in.
11. Baking trays, roasting tin, pie dish.

12. Place mats and coasters.
13.Oven gloves and tea towels
14. Sink Tidy, This handy sink tidy will hold the washing up liquid, scourers,sponges and dishcloth in this rotatable sink tidy.

15. Single Tea Server- This is must for a tea drinker!!!

The kitchen is now fully equipped and has everything for meal preparation, storage and serving. Many of the items featured in this post were gifts from brands which we are very grateful. All the items have been extremely useful and we will make full use of them.

We would like to thank Sainsburys Home for the crockery, OXO for the bakeware, Aldi for the saucepans, Gourmet gadgetry for the sandwich toaster, Pavara for sink tidy and also Tomorrows Kitchen who provided the turner and  tongs, vegetable knive and brushutensil tidy, vacuum storage containersHerb and spice pots, disposable chopping boardssingle serve steamer and the single tea server. 

Its personal choice of each individual how they equip their kitchen and this depends on how much they are going to spend time in the kitchen and if they plan to cook or not. My daughter like me is a foodie, she loves cooking so some items that we have added may not be necessary for those who don't have an interest in baking etc.

What items do you think is necessary to equip in a kitchen??? Can you recommend anything else we could have added???

Monday, 11 September 2017

Furnishing a flat with basic essentials.

In my previous post I wrote about the 10 essential things that you need to check before you move into your new flat. Assuming that everything is in order and you have signed the contract and are now holding the keys in your hand, the next thing to do is to clean, dust and furnish the flat.
My advise is that clean the flat whilst its empty, this way you can clean in every nook and cranny and be assured that its spotless. Also use a carpet freshner when vacuuming to refresh the carpet and remove any odours.

The next step is to furnish the flat, this we kept to a basic minimum. You can source furniture from charity, shops, check local papers for things to sell, check on facebook groups for local areas where people want to giveaway stuff. However the drawback of this is that everything will be mismatched and you cannot get all the furniture you require at the same time. Also even if the furniture you get is free you will have to find a mode of transport to get it to your flat and get it up the stairs. So in the long run it may not be practical.

Having weighed up all the pros and cons we decided to buy new. Ikea was our out next stop, we ordered a bed, a wardrobe and chest of drawers for the bedroom, for the lounge/ diner a sofa bed and a small dining table and chairs. Finally we ordered a desk for studying as my daughter is going to be doing a practical training year so together with work she will need to study too.

                                Before                                                         After

Ikea do offer a service where they will deliver the items to your door for a fixed delivery charge, they also provide a service where they will build all the items for you for a set fee. We declined that and chose to make up the furniture our selves to save on the additional cost.

On delivery day all the items came flat packed, inside the boxes were assembly instructions which were fairly easy to follow. The trick with assembling flat pack stuff is to check you have all the parts before you commence and read over the instructions fully before starting. It took us two full days to assemble all the furniture.

Next we needed some curtains so we headed over to Dunelm and picked up some in the sale, armed with a sewing machine and lots of cutting and snipping  and sewing the flat has some curtains. My husband lent a hand fitting the new curtains to the tracks. With all hands on deck, the flat was cleaned hoovered, dusted, furnished  and and ready to move in.

It certainly has been hard work setting the flat up and making sure its in order before she moves in. However it is coming together nicely. The flat is furnished and below you can see the results.

Have you managed to get any great bargains or have suggestions on furnishing on a budget??? Do share your ideas in the comments section below.

In my next post I will share details of the kitchen, what basic utensils you will need and what  store cupboard essentials to stock.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Customised photo canvas from Bags of Love

For the last few months I have been living out of suitcases, boxes and bags whilst my house is undergoing some renovations. I had a new bedroom furniture fitted,  had a new shower installed  and have also had the whole house repainted. Its exciting but at the same time its been really stressful. Finally though all the painting is complete, the wardrobes are fitted and the shower is fully working so it's time to start the fun bit and that is choosing some new accessories for the house.

I wanted something personalised for the house so when I saw that Bags of Love do customised gifts I checked out their web site. They do beautiful photo montages such as throws, cushions, spreads, blankets and pillows too. I really liked the ideas of a photo montage and finally settled for a photo canvas montage to hang on the wall.

The site was really easy to navigate. there were options to upload all your chosen photos and either choose to create your own arrangement of the collage or to use Bags of Love's preset templates which is what I did as my collage had some 60 pictures in it. The preset template allows you to select the size of the collage together with the different edge finishes and background colour. Once you have set the choice, it automatically arranges your photos in a random order. The website will then allow you to preview the finished layout and then  all it takes is a click of a button to place the order. With delivery options of next day you could have your photo canvas montage within almost 48 hours. The prices for the montage vary depending on size.

My canvas photo montage came within 48 hours and I must say I am really pleased with it. The selection of photos I used were varied, some old photos that that I had scanned into the computer were not as good in colour as the newer ones. I was pleasantly surprised how they all blended well and the whole montage looks amazing. The parcel arrived well packaged and included in the packaging was a fixing kit with screws and hook. It was very simple to fix and hang up the photo canvas montage.

I am really pleased with my finished master piece. If you are interested in getting a personalised gift for valentines day, mothers day or for any special occasion Bags of Love have some really excellent gift choices to suit all budgets.

I would like to thank Bags of Love who gave me the opportunity to create my own personalised montage. All views and opinions expressed in this post are of my own experience.


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