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Friday, 22 January 2016

Homemade Paper Gift bags.#BostikBloggers

I love making homemade cards and gifts as they really make the gift more personal. To add a more unique touch it's nice to present  the gift  that is beautifully wrapped. Making homemade paper or pretty gift bags are a wonderful way to make that gift all the more prettier.
I always find that I can never find the perfect sized gift bag when I want one, so I have started making my own gift bags. They are easy to make  using newspaper, brown paper, crafting paper or any scraps of wrapping paper.

To make these pretty gift bags you will need:

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paper of your choice (20cmx20cm) you can use any size depending on how big you want the bag.
  • Glue
  • Motifs- flowers, buttons,stickers
  • Glue Dots
  • Ribbon
NB- Try not to use card lightweight paper works best.
To make a small gift bags:

1. Place the paper right side facing down and draw a 1 cm margin .
2. Fold the paper on this line this will be the top of the gift bag.
3. Draw a vertical centre fold line. 

4. Fold  first the right side so that it overlaps the centrefold pencil line by 1 cm and then the 
 left side so it also overlaps the centrefold line by 1 cm.
5. Glue the left and right sides where they overlap over each other.

6. Turn the paper so that the top of the bag is furthest away from you and make a horizontal fold 4 cm  from the bottom edge. (This fold must not exceed the width of the bad)Make a crease to mark the fold.
7. Lift the folded part so it's standing up horizontal.
8. This is a little tricky, but open up the folded part and  fold the right and left sides of the paper so that they almost meet at the centre fold line as shown in picture. Form a crease so that the paper lays flat like a diamond shape.

9. Fold the bottom edge so that it slightly overlaps the horizontal center line and stick them down. Now fold the top edge so that it too overlaps the horizontal central line and stick it down.
10. Fold in the right and left side margins of the gift bag and crease firmly to form sides. Shape the gift bag on the creases.  

11. Fold over 4 cm on the top edge of the gift back to form a flap.Using a single hole punch or a sharp pencil made two holes approx 1 cm from top edge on either side of centre fold line for ribbon to be threaded. Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.

12. To make handles do not fold the top, mark two holes approx 1 cm from each outer edge and punch holes. Thread a ribbon and knot each side to make two handles.

13. Alternatively just add a glue dot to seal the flap once you have filled your gift bag. 

14. You can add motifs to decorate your bags as and how you like. Fill your bags with chocolates , sweets cookies to make the perfect mini gift, for any occasion such as valentines, birthdays, Easter, Mothersday, Christmas and even wedding favours.

I was sent a collection of papers, motifs, ribbons and glue by Craft Merrily to create anything I liked using some of the contents from the craft box.This post is part of the Monthly Bostik craft challenge.

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