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Friday, 15 September 2017

Basic kitchen essentials when furnishing a flat.

In my last two posts I have written about 10 things to do when renting a flat and look out for when choosing a flat to rent, I then followed a post about furnishing the flat with basic essentials and finally this post is all about what basic kitchen essentials we bought for the flat.

Although it is not essential and compulsory to have all these items, it certainly makes life easier if you do have them, especially if you are a foodie and enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen.

Below is a list of items we added to the kitchen.:

1. Kettle, this is just a basic design that does the job.
2. Toaster, Sandwich toaster, both these items are handy and extremely useful. It saves having to use the grill in the oven and much safer.
3. Microwave, not essential but really handy to warm up food and make quick speedy meals.

4. Plates, bowl, mugs, glasses, these are essential and a necessity in any kitchen.

5. Microwave safe glass dish and server, I love having these as you can cook nad serve in the same container.
6. Food storage containers, always useful to have to store cookies, cereals, spices, grains to keep them fresh.

7. Cutlery spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons, these are an essential item and a must in any kitchen.

8. Cooking utensils such as chopping knife, paring knife, kitchen scissors, wooden spoons, silicon spatula, whisk, grater. I like these items as some of them are two in one saving space .

9.Disposable chopping boards, these make clean up easy and less chances of cross contamination.

10. Saucepans, frying pan, wok, these basic cookware is again another essential to cook in.
11. Baking trays, roasting tin, pie dish.

12. Place mats and coasters.
13.Oven gloves and tea towels
14. Sink Tidy, This handy sink tidy will hold the washing up liquid, scourers,sponges and dishcloth in this rotatable sink tidy.

15. Single Tea Server- This is must for a tea drinker!!!

The kitchen is now fully equipped and has everything for meal preparation, storage and serving. Many of the items featured in this post were gifts from brands which we are very grateful. All the items have been extremely useful and we will make full use of them.

We would like to thank Sainsburys Home for the crockery, OXO for the bakeware, Aldi for the saucepans, Gourmet gadgetry for the sandwich toaster, Pavara for sink tidy and also Tomorrows Kitchen who provided the turner and  tongs, vegetable knive and brushutensil tidy, vacuum storage containersHerb and spice pots, disposable chopping boardssingle serve steamer and the single tea server. 

Its personal choice of each individual how they equip their kitchen and this depends on how much they are going to spend time in the kitchen and if they plan to cook or not. My daughter like me is a foodie, she loves cooking so some items that we have added may not be necessary for those who don't have an interest in baking etc.

What items do you think is necessary to equip in a kitchen??? Can you recommend anything else we could have added???

Thursday, 7 September 2017

10 things to do when renting a flat.

As parents its a relief when your children finish all their exams and the summer vacation begins. But with the holiday coming to an end there is always for those with older children the arrival of results day. We wait with baited breath as the GCSE results, A level results are announced and the university offers are secured. We have been there and done all this, so with total  relief I can say and this year my daughter has graduated from university with wonderful results, securing a degree in Dentistry.

As parents our journey does not end there, my daughter has received an offer for a job where she will not be able to commute from home daily. Buying a property or renting is a choice everyone has to make at some point in their lives. With so many students graduating and starting out the property market is booming as they look for new housing. It is impossible for them to be able to buy so the next best option is to rent.

So our search for accommodation began throughout the summer. We researched the town where she will be based, registered with estate agents and booked viewings. We also did lots of research as to what the going rent was in our chosen area for a flat so that we could negotiate the best deal with the estate agent. Finally we secured a flat to rent and the journey began for my daughter for her next phase of life having completed her studies.

Some of the things that you will need to do before you can move in:

1. Check if you have metered electricity or pay as you go where you either have to feed a meter with pound coins or buy top up credit on a special key that fits into the meter. If you have meter take reading and  make a note of it to let the provider know.

2. Check about council tax, tv licence, water bills so you can budget this into your rent. 

3. Check  how to work the heating and hot water supply.

4. Check you have phone line and set up internet.

5. If its a flat make you you have numbers of the maintenance persons and also landlords numbers in case of emergency.

6. Check the inventory and make a note of any marks and scruffs or broken items and take photos for proof. Report to landlord immediately.

7. Check how to work oven, hob, washing machine and dishwasher if there is one in the kitchen. Make sure these are in good working order and if you find fault report it immediately.

8. Check where to dispose of rubbish and recycling.

9. Check with the landlord what you are allowed to put up in the flat like nails, fittings etc for pictures some landlords are very strict about this. Read the contract and do not do any thing you are not allowed otherwise you will lose your deposit.

10. Check about house insurance and what it will cover. Finally set up a budget spread sheet with all out goings and expenses so you know exactly how much money you will need to put aside each month.

Is there any other thing else that I have missed???

In my next post I will share how we furnished the flat.


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