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Thursday, 16 March 2017

10 essentials to pack in your carry on airline bag.

In February I finally achieved my dream of travelling around Rajasthan India. It was the most amazing experience and I am going to share my journey through a series of blog posts. What I learnt is that to enjoy your trip, travel light and be organised. In this post I am going to share 10 essentials that one should make sure you carry in your airline bag.
I highly recommend that you choose your carry on hand luggage that is practical light weight and fits within the airline size guide.

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Choose a lightweight trolley bag or backpack. I would advise to pack light and only carry basic essentials, its often very tempting to take unnecessary items that just adds weight, the less you have to carry the more relaxed you will be.

My top 10 tips are:

1. Carry a small cross over handbag to hold important documents such as passports, tickets, phone and money. This will enable you to have your most important possessions on person at all times. Some airlines only allow one piece of hand luggage you can easily pop your crossover bag in your trolley bag whilst going through security checks and then you can remove it and carry on person.

2. Keep a paper list of emergency contacts, photocopies of passports and important documents such as insurance details in case you lose your phone or important documents. 

3. Keep pens and small notebook you may be required to fill in a customs form on the aircraft before landing.

4. Pack a book or tablet to keep you occupied.

5. Pack a light weight jacket, pasmina or shawl as it can be rather cold on an aeroplane and I would highly recommend flight socks also  as they will stop you getting swollen ankles.

6. Carry a portable battery pack and chargers and headphones. If you find having a pillow useful take with you the inflated one that can be deflated for easy storing.

7. Pack some energy snacks such as cereal bars in case of delays and some boiled sweets to suck in case your ears pop during takeoff and landing.

8. Pack paracetamol, ibuprofen, hand sanitiser (make sure not bigger than 100 ml), tissues and antibacterial wipes.

9. Lightweight change of clothing for long haul flights; t shirt, trousers, under cloths and socks. ( I always carry a toothbrush, spare pair of glasses too.)

10. Last but not least I always purchase a bottle of water to take onto the aircraft with me once I have checked in. It is very important to keep hydrated when travelling.

I find that having these items in my carry on really useful and it makes travelling comfortable knowing I have all my basic essentials with me. Also don't forget to weigh your hand luggage prior to leaving home to make sure it is within the weight allowed for the airline you are travelling with.

When travelling are there any items that you find useful to carry, do let me know your tips and suggestions in the comments section.


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