Thursday, 22 February 2018

Globenfeld Watch~ Review and Giveaway

Valentines day has just gone and now I have my partners birthday coming up soon. It's so difficult to know what presents to buy him as he has every imaginable gadget that anyone can have. Keeping this in mind I tend to buy him cloths and accessories and activity packages.

This year I am buying him a Shirt, a matching tie, some cuff links ,tie pin and a watch. My partner is fussy when it comes to watches, he does like them to be chunky and solid looking. My search for a watch led me to the Super sport Globenfeld Watch.The Globenfeld watch fits all the criteria he likes in a watch. Sturdy, Smart and Sleek.

The watch has a scratch resistant mineral crystal glass front that keeps the case protected. It includes a dual analogue/digital display, 12/24 time formats, alarm with chime, stopwatch/timer with lap/reset, and back light function for night vision.

It has a dial framed within a contrasting Tachymeter. It also features steel arrow hands and 3 windowed dials. The Super Sport Globenfeld White 2.0 features a simple to adjust metal band that is solid and supports the overall watch face extremely well.

The watch retails at £59.99 and definitely offers great value for money, furthermore it comes with a 5 year guarantee. Globenfeld also offer a no quibble 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

Overall the watch is solid, smart and extremely durable and suitable for smart or casual wear.It comes in a stylish grey presentation box and would make a wonderful gift for the man in your life.

**In collaboration with Globenfeld

Globenfeld have been extremely generous and they have agreed to giveaway one watch to one citrusspice reader.

How to enter:

Simply enter the giveaway using  the Gleam widget below, leaving a blog comment is mandatory part of the entry.The winner will be notified by email once the competition ends.

  • Prize Super sport Globenfeld Watch
  • This competition is open to UK residents only over 18 years of age. Please read the rules below .
  • Leaving a blog comment is mandatory and failure to do so will void any other entries.
  • Closing date -  11th March 2018 12 am
Win a Globenfeld Super Sport Men's Watch #1

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Easter Bunnies~ Bostik Challenge

The  Bostik Box for March is Easter themed, it has a lot of Easter themed cut outs, chicks ,eggs and buttons. It certainly looks like a fun box. As always the arrival of the Bostik box means that its time for Little M  my crafting partner to visit. On Sunday little M arrived to spend the afternoon with me. We went for a walk around the aquadrome and fed the ducks as the weather was bright and sunny although a little cold. After feeding the ducks it started to drizzle, typical British weather so we ran to shelter at the little coffee shop at the aquadrome.
We both had steaming cups of hot chocolate to warm us up and enjoyed a yummy slice of cake before we returned home to do some crafting.

Little M looked through  the box and we decided to make some Easter bunnies. You can see how we made them in the post below.

Equipment you will need:

To make three rabbits

3 Polystyrene Easter Eggs
Three different colour ribbons 9 inches in length to make bows
Funky foam in yellow, pink and green (for feet)
White card (for ears)
Pink, yellow and green paper (for ears)
Bostik Glue
Bostik Glue dots
Felt tip pens black, yellow, green and pink

How to make:

1.On the funky foam draw and cut out the rabbits feet as shown in the photograph , Cut 3 one of each colour.

2. Draw an teardrop shape on the white card and cut out 6, two for each rabbit.
3. Draw another teardrop shape smaller than the first on the pink, green and yellow paper cut out two of each colour.

4. Using the Bostik glue stick the smaller teardrop shape as shown in the photo onto the white card, you should now have two yellow, two pink and two green ears.

5. Using the glue dots, attach the wider part of the polystyrene egg to sit on the rabbits feet.
6. Using the Bostik glue dots attach the ears to the top end of the egg to make the ears.

7. Tie three small bows from the ribbons and stick them using  glue dots between the rabbits ears.

8. Using a back felt tip pen draw eyes and nose for the rabbits face.
9. Using coloured pens draw the mouth.

This craft is suitable for young children although, adult supervision may be required for using scissors. If you like this project check the link below for more art and craft projects, that you can do with your children.

Kids Arts and Craft Videos
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 Being part of the Bostik 2018 bloggers with Tots100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Make your own Heart Bunting for Valentines day ~Bostik Challenge

In my last Bostik Challenge post I showed you how to make a valentines card with your kids. Using some more of the craft items I had left over I am creating a Valentines Bunting to hang up. It's easy to make and looks really lovely pinned onto the garden fence or on a bedroom wall.
This pretty bunting only requires scraps of coloured card, string and some baby clothes pegs and within a jiffy you will have this awesome bunting.

To make the bunting you will need:

Scrap sheets of patterned card
Heat shaped template
Bostik Glue
hear shaped stickets
1 metre of string
12 Baby clothes pegs

To see how I made the bunting do check this video below:

 This craft is suitable for young children although, adult supervision may be required for using scissors. If you like this project check the link below for more art and craft projects, that you can do with your children.
Kids Arts and Craft Videos
Kids Arts and Crafts Projects 

 Being part of the Bostik 2018 bloggers with Tots100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Valentines Card to make with young Kids ~ Bostik challenge

For the last two years I have been part of the Bostik Bloggers craft challenges. For those who are reading my post for the first time, this is like a monthly subscription of craft box where each month the item that arrive are specific to a theme. The idea is to create some themed craft with youngsters using the item supplied in the box. We always work a month ahead so that if any of you readers want to recreate our crafts for the occasion you have plenty of time. Each month my little crafting buddy Little M and I make different items and share them on this blog. It's a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and get crafting.

I have again signed up to the Bostik bloggers 2018 challenges for another year as Little M and I have so much fun together making crafty things. From our  December/January box we made Chinese New Year lanterns and Chinese New Year calendar for the upcoming Chinese new year this  Feb 2018. It is a wonderful to introduce other cultures to your children through craft.

For January the Bostik box is Valentine themed ready for February, however our Bostik box went on a grand tour of the UK post office sorting offices and finally it arrived  a little late but safely. You will still have time to recreate the card in plenty of time before valentines day as its really simple to make.

On Sunday Little M  arrived to spend the afternoon with me.We made our smoothie in our Optimum 9400 blender, which as always is the way we start our crafting session. Little M wanted today's smoothie to be pinky red colour  so we made Melon, Purple Carrot and  Beetroot smoothie.

Little M was really fascinated with the purple carrot as she had never seen one before. She kept asking how the carrot got its purple colour from and to be honest I too did not know so anyone who is a gardening expert please do let us know in the comments below how purple carrots come about!!!! :)

After we enjoyed the smoothie, we made some strawberries dipped in chocolate for her to take as a gift for her mum and dad.

To make the chocolate strawberries, I melted the milk chocolate and white chocolate in separate bowls and let little M carefully dip the strawberries in the chocolate and then dipped the chocolate covered strawberries into some edible sprinkles. We set the dipped strawberries on parchment paper on a tray and put them in the fridge to set. Such an easy task yet makes wonderful edible gifts.
Chocolate dipped strawberries all ready we set about making our pretty valentine card using all the craft items supplied in the Bostik box so that she could give it to her parents with the edible treats.

For the card you will need:

A blank white card folded in half.
Pink patterned card
Brown ready cut out heart
An envelope that will fit the card.
2 mini paper roses
Stick on heart stickers

How to make the card:

1. Cut a square out of the patterned paper slightly smaller than the front of the card and glue it on to the white card.

2. Peel and stick Bostik Glue dots onto the brown card  heart cutout and stick to the patterned card.

3. Twist the stems of the two mini roses to make one. Position on top of the brown heart and stick on with glue dots where the rose buds are. Peel and stick a decorative heart to the stems to secure to the card.

4. At the bottom left corner of the envelope peel and stick a matching decorative heart. Your card is now ready for gifting.

NB- You can use any card combination and personalise the card with any type of stickers, buttons or drawings. 

This craft is suitable for young children although, adult supervision may be required for using scissors.
If you like this project check the link below for more art and craft projects, that you can do with your children.

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Being part of the Bostik 2018 bloggers with Tots100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Jodhpur~India Travels

Jodhpur is a state in Rajasthan, it was founded by Rao Jodha  in 1459. It is commonly known as the blue city as it has many blue buildings. There is no real evidence to support why the buildings in Jodhpur are blue, but rumour says that the Brahmins who lived in the outskirts of Jodhpur painted their houses blue to differentiate them from the rest of the population.

There are many places to visit in Jodhpur and on our recent visit we stayed over for two nights during which we had the opportunity to visit Mehrangarh Fort, which is situated on the hill tops outside Jodhpur city and overlooks the city of Jodhpur. 

The fort was constructed in 1459 by Rao Jodha.  It is surrounded by a thick, 10 km long wall with seven gates. The fort has beautiful architecture and intricate sculpting and carvings. 

The pink stone architecture is constantly being renovated and repaired to keep it in good condition. Every effort is made to keep the authenticity of the building and the detailing  and repairs are all done by master craftsman.

The detailing work on the structure is stunning created all by hand, it indeed was a labour of love and the craftsman must have had astounding skills to create such a magnificent piece of work.

The rooms and courtyards have narrow staircases leading to the royal residence with beautiful porches and carved doorways. The rooms have adorned walls and mosaic floors with intricate patterns and eye catching stained glass windows.

The rooms most famous in Mehrangarh Fort are Moti Mahal (Pearl Palace), Phool Mahal (Flower Palace), Sheesha Mahal (Mirror Palace), Sileh Khana, and Daulat Khana. 

The rooms make up part of the museum where the age old treasures are exhibited together with paintings, exquisite collection of palanquins, howdahs, royal cradles, miniatures, musical instruments, costumes, furniture as well as cannons on the fort's ramparts.

Not far from Mehrangarh Fort is Jaswant Thada, a white marble memorial built in remembrance of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. Jaswant Thada is popularly known as the ‘Taj Mahal of Marwar’.  Marwar being another name for Jodhpur. The Jaswant Thada is completely built with marble stones. It has a unique feature that the marble stones sets off a warm glow when the rays from the sun catch it.

The Memorial is built like a temple with domes and pillars and there is a natural calming aura and ambience with in the rooms. Inside the walls are adorned with portraits of past rulers and Maharajas of Rajasthan.

There are also beautiful gardens surrounding Jaswant Thada which have  gazebos doted around where you can sit and enjoy the tranquility of the place and its surroundings.

There are many other nearby places to visit in Jodhpur if time permits such as such as Mandore Gardens, Kailana Lake, Umaid Bhawan Palace museum,  Masuria Hills Garden and Balsamand Lake.

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is next to Jaswant Thada. It was created in 2006 to try and restore the natural ecology of a large, rocky wasteland next to Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur.

Shopping in Jodhpur is a must, the most popular place to visit is the Sardar Market near the Clock Tower. Here you you find local as well as tourists walking through the local market where you can buy anything from fruits and vegetables to spices, homeware and also clotings. Jodhpur is famous for its handicrafts, pottery, costume jewellery and dyeing materials. Most popular buys are embroidered leather mojaris (shoes), painted woodwork, dye fabric, jewellery, miniature painting, and Bandhini sarees a very unique design and print that Rajasthan is famous for.

Our trip to Jodhpur was indeed very pleasurable, the weather in February was comfortable and not too hot. Ideally an extra day would have given us more time to do more sightseeing and catch a Rajasthani folk dance show too.

Whilst in Jodhpur, I also had the opportunity to meet Neelam and Nikki from Verhomal spices you can read all about their story in my previous post here.

To read about my other posts in the India Travels series see the links below.


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