Sunday, 1 April 2018

Spring Flower Wreath~Bostik Challenge

This month the bostik challenge box is all about flowers and spring. We are into April and the garden is finally looking colourful with daffodils and tulips. Hopefully with the lighter evenings if the weather improves we can enjoy the out doors more. At the moment the weather is awful so this Sunday when little M came over to craft we could not go out to the park or the garden as its been raining non stop.
Little M wanted to make some flowers to take for her parents but when we looked in the craft box there were already so many pretty flower cut outs we decided to use those and make a pretty flower wreath with them as a gift. Little M really enjoyed making this wreath, it did not take very long to make so we also made a Spring flower picture with hama beads and card for her bedroom which we will share in our next post.

To make the flower wreath you will need:

Two sheets of stiff card
Some green crepe paper cut into 1 inch strips
Assorted sized cut out flowers
Piece of string approx 12 inches long
Bostik Glue

How to make the wreath:

1. On the card using a side plate as a template draw a circle.
2. On the same card using a smaller plate draw another circle.
3. Cut out the larger circle using the scissors.
4. Cut out the smaller circle using the scissors so your card will look like a doughnut.
5. Repeat the process for the second card and then stick the two doughnut shaped cards together using the Bostik Glue.

6. Secure one end of the green crepe paper strip with glue onto the card and start wrapping the green paper all around the card, secure the final end with glue.
7. You should have a green crepe paper ring now.
8. Fold the string in half and tie a knot at the loose end. Loop the string onto the ring to make a hanging loop.

9. Using the bostik glue arrange and stick on the flowers in any pattern you desire.

This craft is suitable for young children although, adult supervision may be required for using scissors. If you like this project check the link below for more art and craft projects, that you can do with your children.

Kids Arts and Craft Videos
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 Being part of the Bostik 2018 bloggers with Tots100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.


  1. This is really cute for Easter, and will be a lot of fun for kids to try!

  2. This makes such a pretty wreath, perfect for Spring (which must be here soon!)

  3. That’s really cute and pretty, and perfect for Easter/spring.

  4. I wish our outsides looked like Spring, it still looks all bare with no flowers out at the moment, love the wreath DIY though x

  5. What a cheerful Easter decoration! It looks so easy yet really effective x

  6. I love this! It's so cute and looks pretty easy to make :) perfect for this season

  7. I love this it's such a fun way to be creative. Great post!

  8. This is a cute little crafty idea for kiddies :) I would have loved doing something like this when I was a youngster x

  9. A great craft idea for kids and it's just right...bright and colorful. A good way to usher in spring.

  10. This is a great activity for you and your kids! I love the flower wreathe and I think I’ll give it a try with my nieces! Thanks for sharing! -Tria N

  11. Oh I did this exact craft last Easter as part of the Bostik bloggers! Great minds think alike! Looks fab!!

  12. I love the sound of this challenge. A spring and flower challenge sounds like a great crafty ideas for the season.

  13. This is the sweetest wreath! We have the first signs of Spring at our house this week and it would be so pretty on our front door! x

  14. This is so pretty . Has a Christmas feels to it.This would be a very fun craft to do with my little nieces . They would love to make it.

  15. I love your blog, you are so creative. I always come over to find things for my daughter and I to do over the weekends.

  16. This is lovely and great for spring. I love it that people still do handcraft things.

  17. This looks like such an easy thing to make! I will have to steal this idea to do with students of mine.

  18. Such a cute looking wreath and so easy to make with your detailed step by step photos.

  19. Wow.. such a pretty one . Kids would be happy to make it for decorating the house.


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