Thursday, 24 January 2019

Valentines Coasters ~BostikCrafts Challenge January

Over the last couple of years my neice Little M and I have been creating craft using the monthly Bostik Boxes. We had a short break but I am happy to say that we have again joined forces with Bostik and will be featuring the occasional kid craft on this blog.This month the theme for the Bostik box is valentines and in our box we had some red and pink coloured crafting things to use together with the Bostik Mico Dots which are brilliant to stick together intricut shapes as the sheets have micro sticky glue dots that can be cut to ft any shape.

As always Little M came to spend a Sunday afternoon with me, it was really cold and wet so a trip to the park or even the garden was not an option. Not to be put off by this we decided to make some biscuits. After a delicious snack of biscuits and hot chocolate we started our crafting session.

Looking through the box there was a set of hama beads packet that Little M liked but we have already crafted with these in a previous post so I told her she could take them home and do acraft with it another time. We wre still thinking what to make?Little M is really bright and she had seen me use a coaster to place her mug of hot chocolate on it. It was her idea to make heart shaped coasters. 

So this is how we made them:

Equipment needed:

1 Piece Red card
2 Foam heart shape cut outs
Bostik Microdot sheets
Stiff brown card (we used the flap from the card boad box the item came in.) #recycling

How to make the Valentine coasters:

1. Cut the flap from the cardboad box and draw two 10 cm x10 cm squares and cut them out.
2. Draw two 10 cm x10 cm squares on the red card and cut them out.
3. Using the micro dots sheets peel them and stick them to the back of the red square and cut to size.
4. Stick the red card to the stiff brown card. Repeat this for all two cards.

5. Using the micro dots sheets peel them and stick them to the back of the red foam heart.
6. Trim away the extra micro dot sheet so it is follows the heart shape.
7. Position the foam heart onto the square red card and press to stick firmly.

8. Using the micro dots stick the small silver heart on to the coaster to give it a sparkly finishing touch. 

9.The coasters are ready to use. Since these coasters are made from card they are not waterproof so be careful not to put a wet cup on them.


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Being part of the Bostik 2018 bloggers with Tots100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Christmas Craft Bundle Giveaway

I love crafting and spend time with my little niece crafting on a regular basis. Over time we have collected lots of crafting stuff and really enjoy using it all. Since its almost Christmas I am giving away a Christmas crafting bundle to one citrusspiceuk reader just in time for Christmas.

How to Enter:

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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Mount Abu ~India Travels

During our Rajasthani travels we decided to get away from the Rajasthani desert heat and took a trip to Mount Abu which is a hill station in western India’s Rajasthan state. 

Mount Abu is situated high up in the Aravalli Range and is surrounded by forest. The hill station is a popular place for people to visit to get away from the heat and enjoy some cooler weather.

The car journey up to the hill station is along windy mountain roads surrounded by mountains and greenery. There is an abundance of monkeys on the road sides ready to pounce on the cars shroud you offer any fruits,especially bananas.

There are many tourist spots to visit in Mount Abu, you can find lakes, picnic areas, temples and hill tops where you can enjoy spectacular views. The top ten tourist spots that are highly recommended to visit are:

Dilwara Temple 
This is a jain temple which was built by Vastupal Tejpal between 11th and 13th century. The temple intricately carved in Marble and you will be totally mesmerised by the amazing architecture. 

Nakki Lake
Nakki Lake is a manmade lake also known as, Nakki Jheel.  The lake is Located in the centre of the hill station, and it is surrounded by   greenery, mountains and strangely shaped rocks.  The lake has picnic acres, boating and is surround with many shops and eateries.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across a distance of 288 km, the sanctuary crosses numerous mountain highs from 300 m to 1722 m at Gurashikhar which is considered to be the highest peak in the Aravali ranges. The sanctuary is the perfect place for trekking, seeing all kinds of flora and Faunaand igneous rocks with large cavities resulting from the weathering effects of water and wind. 

Guru Shikar
This is the highest peak of the Aravalli Range and lies about 15 kilometres from Mount Abu. The height of the peak is 1722 meters from sea level and if you do get a chance to climb there you will get some breath taking views of the surroundings. At the peak you will also find the Mt. Abu Observatory and a cave temple of Guru Dattatreya which worships Lord Vishnu. 

Shri Ragunath Temple
Shri Raghunath Ji temple is  a 650-year-old temple set on the shores of Nakki Lake, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.  The temple has beautiful Mewar architecture and carvings on the walls and ceilings. The temple is calm and serene and many followers of Lord Vishnu come daily to offer prayers.

Sunset Point
Sunset Point is an iconic point that is very famous tourist destination of Mount Abu. Here you can come and watch the beautiful sunset setting in the Aravali Ranges. It can be reached by car and then a short distance walk. 

For those unable to walk there are vendors who offer horse rides and trolley rides. The trolley rides are carts that you sit in and they are pulled uphill by the vendors. This is heartbreaking to watch as it takes a lot of strength, hard work and stamina to carry out this work. Some of the vendors were really old and do this daily for a living.

Around the roads reading up to sunset point there are street vendors selling lovely masala chai, roasted and boiled sweet corn and other street foods.

Arbuda Devi Temple
Arbuda Devi Temple is considered the most sacred pilgrim point of Rajasthan and dedicated to the goddess Durga.It can be come reached by climbing 365 stairs to symbolise each day of the year are cut into the mountain. There is a Dhoodh Baori,a sacred well with milk coloured water near the temple, worshippers believe that the waters is holy.   The temple is constructed out of one huge solid piece of rock and the inner sanctum is reaching by crawling a narrow cave.

Toad Rock
This rock is known as The mascot of Mount Abu. Toad Rock is one of the most frequented point in the itinerary of all visitors. To see the panoramic beauty of the surrounding lake and greenish hilly regions you can climb up the rock and capture the breath-taking scenery.

Mount Abu Bazaars
There are numerous shopping markets in Mount Abu. You can find traditional Rajasthani handicrafts such as Kota sarees, bangles, linen with Sanganeri print, Jaipuri quilts, and products made of marble, sandstone and sandalwood. 

You can also find Rajasthani crafts, paintings, leather goods along with a few Gujarati artworks and local paintings. Costume jewellery, shoes and ethnic clothes stalls line the bazaars.

There are many hotels and guest houses in Mount Abu that offer accommodation in all price ranges. If you want to visit all the above places you will require a minimum of 3 days. We were only in mount Abu for an overnight stay so were only able to visit Nakki, Lake  and the Sunset Point and the bazaars. The destination is perfect for a weekend break if you just want to relax with family and get away from the scorching India heat.

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Monday, 19 November 2018

Printable and Pinnable recipe cards with the Recipes Generator

When I first started this blog I shared a step by step post about adding a recipe card to a blogger blog using recipe wiz.Unfortunately that no longer works and I have now found an alternate option which not only is easy to use but very compatible with blogger and SEO friendly way to make great printable recipe cards. This recipe card is compatible for blogger blogs and is created using recipe generator. You can also use the recipe cards for wordpress, wix and squarespace and the cards also support pinterest rich pins too.

The recipe cards are visually great and make following a recipe easy. They are extremely useful as the cards can be printed to add to your own favorite recipe box. Furthermore the recipe cards are well received by google search engines making them a must use for anyone writing a recipe blog.

I am going to share step by step instructions on this post on how to create the recipe card and use it on a blogger blog.

How to add Printable recipe card with Recipe Generator.

1. Open browse with
2. Create an account and save the log in details.
3. To start making your card login and you will come to this screen:

4. Fill in the details such as recipe name, author name, yield, summary and image url in the boxes of   as prompted in the appropriate boxes. (To get the image url , upload your chosen photo on your blog, once uploaded choose the html option and copy the image url from there and paste it in the recipes generator.)

5.  Scroll down and fill in the Ingredients list and method.

6. Next fill in the prep details. Adding any notes, nutritional info, other options and video are optional extras. You can leave that category empty if you want.

7. Next Click on "preview & save" at the bottom of the page.

8. If you click next arrow you will come to this screen:

9. Once you are happy with the style selection click on "Choose this style".The next screen will give you a code. Copy this code.

10. Log into your blog and create a new blog post. Choose the html option in the post and add the code you copied. Save the blog post.
11. Preview your post and you will see a beautifully created recipe card.
12. Your recipe box will look like this:

I have been using the recipe generator site for a few months now and I am really happy with it. I also like the fact that the site is well maintained with regular updates. Not to mention that the support there is one of the best I have ever experienced.  

The recipe generator is only $3 per month and you can join it for a duration of 6 months at a time. If you would like to try the Printable and Pinnable recipe cards with the Recipes Generator, I have a special readers discount code. 

Visit this link for 33% off your first 6 months: (this code is valid until 26/11/2018

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Simply Hike - My Wish List

Over the last few years the type of holidays we take as a family have changed drastically. With the kids grown up, we like to spend time outdoors, especially walking, skiing, cycling and activity holidays.These type of holidays are great for family bonding and good for the health too.

Weather in the UK is not always predictable so wrapping up well and having the appropriate type of gear, clothing, shoes and equipment that is correct for all weather conditions makes the holiday more enjoyable and safe too. There is nothing worse than going out in fashionable clothing and uncomfortable shoes to ruin a holiday.

If you are planning an outdoor holiday and need ideas for the type of equipment, clothing, shoes and accessories you may need, head over to the simply hike website who have every thing you will require for the whole family. Our plans for next year are a camping trip and a skiing trip so currently I am collating a list of  clothing and equipment we may need.

My top ten items that I would like to add to my shopping list this year from Simply Hike are:

Goldbergh Womens Paige Pant - White

The Womens Paige Pant from Goldbergh has a soft, stretchy fabric and are totally waterproof and comfortable to wear whilst skiing.

Roxy Womens Frost Printed Fleece - Water of Love

This women's fleece jacket is really warm with an inner fleece lining. It coordinates really well with the above ski pants.

Anon Womens WM1 Ski Goggle with Spare Lens - Watercolour Sonar Pink
These lenses have the Zeiss Sonar lenses and have 2 sets of inter changeable lenses. The goggles can also be worn over spectacles making them perfect for all conditions.Wearing eye protection in the snow is very important as the UV is very high during the day.There are many different designs available for men and women in the ski goggles range.

Jack Wolfskin Womens Park Avenue Jacket - Dark Sky 

This jacket offers total protection from the rain, its warm, comfortable and ideal for outdoor wear.

Didriksons Mens Drew Parka - Peat

This men's jacket is completely waterproof and windproof and it is well insulated to keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions.

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30 OutDry Rucksack - Dark Zinc

This rucksack is totally waterproof . It has padded shoulder straps and a HardWave suspension that shapes to your back making it easier to care a load without getting backache.

Salomon Womens X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Walking Boot - Crown Blue Sunny

These boots are waterproof breathable boot with a strong grip. It has  a shock-absorbent EVA footbed and a cushioning Ortholite® sockliner,  providing comfortable wear in all terrains.

SmartWool Womens Hiking Medium Crew Sock - Dark Cassis

This Smartwool sock gives excellent comfort,support and breathability and are designed to reduce shock and abrasion and cradle your foot.

Stance Mens Spiderman Comic Socks 

These fun and colourful socks have a soft texture, supportive structure and extra comfy cushioning in the toe and heel so that they are comfortable to wear.

Meindl Mens Bhutan MFS Hiking Boot - Dark Brown

The shoes have ventilation and a gor tex layer that ensures the feet stay dry and the inner memory foam inside the boot  keeps the feet warm. 

There are many different ranges and choices of clothing, equipment, shoes and accessories available on the simply hike website for the whole family. Its a one stop shop to get everyone kitted up.

I am really excited to prepare and plan our first camping trip next year. I need to make an equipment list of every thing we will need. I would love to get some tips from all you lovely readers as to what I should add to my list. Please do share your tips in the comments below.

**This post is in collaboration with Simply Hike.