Thursday, 5 March 2020

To rent or to buy a property?

To rent or to buy a property?

Property prices are constantly on the rise, and it's very difficult for young people to get their foot on the property ladder. My daughter recently graduated and secured a really good job. However, the drawback was that that the job was in another city and it would be impossible for her to commute from home. This meant that she would have to move to the new city.

We had to think about all the options and weigh up the pros and cons of buying a property or renting. If we choose to buy, we will have to help her out as parents for the deposit. Properties in the North of England are a lot cheaper than London and if you can put a deposit together it would make sense to buy but this is a long-term investment and needed some serious thought. However, it's her first job and to dive in and buy a place in an unknown place was something we were concerned about and decided to start off by opting for the renting option. Not having done this before it was difficulty to know where to start. Our journey for securing a rental property began, there were many things that we needed to research.

Checking out the location.

We went to the location where her job is and checked out the area. Some of the things to look for are the prices of the rental properties in the surrounding area. Other things we had to consider were the availability of the local transport and the safety of the area.

Booking the viewings and securing the flat.

The next task was to register with local estate agents and booking some appointments for rental property viewings. We tried to fit in several appointments throughout the day. To keep costs to a minimum, our first choice was to go for a one bedroom unfurnished flat. After several viewing we finally decided on a flat within 20 minutes commute to her work and with fairly easy access to the city too. The property was unfurnished; however, it did come with a fitted kitchen with a washing machine and dryer. The property was fully carpeted and had window blinds. We negotiated with the estate agent a rental and also checked the property has CIA landlord insurance or equivalent so that any damage to the property is covered by the landlord. This is important as you don't want to be faced with a big repair bill if something happens to the property whilst you are renting from no fault of your own.

Checks to do before signing the contracts.

It is highly recommended that you check out the inventory, list any faults and damage and take photographs for reference. Once all the checks were complete and we were happy that the property was right, we made sure we read all the small print in the contract before signing it.  We also made an agreement with the estate agent that the landlord they will put everything right and the property will be in good order before the moving in date. A months deposit was required, so we made sure that we had adequate funds organised.

Basic essentials to buy for the move.

Once we had signed the contract, we made a list of basic essentials that were needed like a bed, desk, small table and chairs and some sort of storage for clothes. Charity shops and gum tree are a great place to source cheap furniture. We opted for Ikea that do an inexpensive basic range. We kept things to a minimum to start off with as you can make the place your own once you settle in.

Before the move we also searched and sorted out house hold and contents insurance, registered for amenities, council tax and TV licence. Once all the main and important things were sorted, the next task was to shop for bedding, kitchen essentials and sort out the WIFI.  We did not need to book removals, but you can get a man with a van and many removal companies offer small moves. You can see my post about packing and moving and basic kitchen essentials  for the kitchen and flat to see how we organised our move.

It's a mammoth task relocating but if you do things in a methodical way it should not be too hard. We can't say that the move was easy, but it did go smoothly as we had planned as we were well prepared for the move. Have you relocated and are there any tips you can suggest? Please share them in the comments below.

** Post in collaboration with CIA Landlord Insurance


  1. It was a very good decision for you and your daughter to rent out a place first. I would have done the same if I were in your situation. Once she is financially stable, then buying her own house would something she should consider. Thanks for these tips you shared about renting a flat.


  2. When I had the second home, I focused more on rent, but in the end, for greater reasons, I sold it. And I regret it.

  3. Buying a home is a huge decision, and if not executed with precision can cost more than what it would have cost just to rent. In the end I think that you guys made the right decision.

  4. I am renting until I can afford to but a place, everything is just so darn expansive!!!


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