Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Making Valentines Crafts with your Children

Valentine's Day is just around the corner as is half term so why not make the day special for all your family. How about starting the day with some easy and tasty Vegan pancakes for breakfast. They are easy to make and you can get your kids involved in making breakfast too.

After breakfast arrange a crafting session, making your own valentine cards and home made valentines gifts with your children. Commercial shop bought gifts and cards are expensive and home made gifts are always appreciated more by the receiver. It's easy to get all your crafting products on line through various, stores. I particularly like free svg images 

You can check out step by step instructions on how to make this valentines card on another post of mine. It's easy and simple to make and the kids will really have fun creating their own designs. All you need is white and red card and some decorations.

For valentine gifting why not make these really pretty coasters with your children. They are fun to make and you can use them to serve your drinks on.

To make the coasters you will need:

1 Piece Red card
2 Foam heart shape cut outs
Bostik Microdot sheets
Stiff brown card (we used the flap from the cardboard box the item came in.) #recycling

How to make the Valentine coasters:

1. Cut the flap from the cardboard box and draw two 10 cm x10 cm squares and cut them out.
2. Draw two 10 cm x10 cm squares on the red card and cut them out.
3. Using the micro dots sheets peel them and stick them to the back of the red square and cut to size.
4. Stick the red card to the stiff brown card. Repeat this for all two cards.

5. Using the micro dots sheets peel them and stick them to the back of the red foam heart.
6. Trim away the extra micro dot sheet so it is follows the heart shape.
7. Position the foam heart onto the square red card and press to stick firmly.

8. Using the micro dots stick the small silver heart on to the coaster to give it a sparkly finishing touch. 

9.The coasters are ready to use. Since these coasters are made from card they are not waterproof so be careful not to put a wet cup on them.

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This craft is suitable for young children although, adult supervision may be required for using scissors. If you like this project check the link below for more art and craft projects, that you can do with your children.

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**This is a collaborative post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. What a really lovely idea for a Valentine's Day craft! Loving seeing all the suggestions - crafting really has helped me keep sane during all the lockdowns! Sim x

  2. What a fun take on a usual valentine craft. Coasters are something useful and now they can be seasonal and cute too!

  3. These are lovely ideas, my kids used to love their arts and crafts when they were younger

  4. Very cute, it is so nice to do crafts with your kids when they are younger. Mich x

  5. I love the idea of doing some Valentine's Day crafts and keeping the kids entertained, plus they'd be so nice to keep. The coasters are a nice idea x

  6. This looks like such a fun craft! I will definitely be giving this a go with Olivia.

  7. My brother and his kids are doing some fun crafts this weekend for Valentines as well.

  8. These are so cute, excellent for homemade gifts! xo


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