Friday, 20 January 2017

Bedside table Spectacle Holder

I am sure like my self many people wear spectacles and have probably been told by their optometrist to look after the spectacles, not to put them facing down on the table, not to clean them with tissues and in a nut shell what they mean is treat them with respect. I have many spectacles cases to hold my spectacles but most of them are hard cases that are a little bulky for my bedside table.

I have been looking for an open top tall standing spectacle holder to place on my bedside table for ages. I wanted a holder into which I could just slip my spectacles in for safe keeping when I go to bed. I have yet to find a suitable holder so in the mean time I decided to make my own. This upright tube holder is perfect for holding my spectacles and it can be made in any size to accommodate any pair of spectacles. Furthermore you can make it to match your room decor too. You can use a left over piece of matching wall paper or fabric or you can colour coordinate the room colour. The options are endless.

To make the spectacle holder you will need:
1 piece of tube the same height as your spectacles measured across the spectacles
Fabric or paper of choice
1 piece A5 card


1. Place the tube onto the A5 card and draw a circle, now draw a second circle approx 1.5 cm bigger around it to make the base. Cut the cardboard circle out . 
2.Using the cardboard circle cut another circle same size from the patterned fabric or paper and stick it to the card.

3.To make the Spectacle holder place the tube onto the paper and measure out a 1cm line top and bottom of tube.
4. Draw lines on the two margins approx 1cm apart and snip these as this will help to stick the paper into the top of the tube and also on the bottom.

5. Glue the tube and then place it on the patterned paper and securely stick the overlapping edges.  
6. Fold in the snipped edges into the top edge of the tube and glue into place to neaten the top of the tube.
7. Fan out the snipped edges at the bottom of the tube and spread glue on them.
8. Place the tube centrally on the prepared cardboard circle and stick the fanned out edges so that the tube is now standing upright onto the cardboard disc.

9. Leave to dry and decorate the tube as required or leave it plain.
10. Once dry the spectacle holder is ready to use.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Indian Global Gourmet Curry Station Giveaway

My favourite cuisine is Indian and I do cook a lot of Indian dishes at home, however sometimes I like to order an Indian takeaway as the flavour of restaurant food is totally different to home cooked. I think this may be that when I cook at home I try and cook very healthily with less oil and spices and no fried food but once in awhile its ok to eat fatty food that has more oil and is fried too!!!

I am also very particular about having my food really hot.I cannot palate luke warm food. The problem with a takeaway is that by the time it arrives and you serve your self its gone cold. I have found a wonderful solution to this problem. I have discovered the Global Gourmet Curry Station. It is an electric hotplate housing four individual non-stick aluminium pots with toughened glass lids to hold a variety of food. The heating plate is non stick and it has a variable temperature control and integrated heating element. It can be also be used on the table top since it has anti-slip feet on heating plate for safety. The heating plate can also be used to keep breads warm.

Although this curry station is sold as a curry station, I have used it to keep lots of other types of food warm too. It is great  device to keep food warm at the table while you eat. The curry station can easily accommodate food for a family of four.

You can purchase the Global Gourmet Curry Station from amazon and it retails at £49.95. As always I do like my readers to have a chance to try products I review. I am really excited to share that I have one curry station to giveaway to one citrusspice reader.

**I was sent the Global Gourmet Curry Station to review all the opinions expressed are of my own experience of the item.

How To Enter:

Tell me in the comments below what is your favourite curry.
  • Simply complete the Gleam widget below to verify your entries
  • Entries can be via blog comment, Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Competition ends 3rd February 2017 12.00 am
  • This giveaway is open to all readers over 18 who live in the UK,
  • The winner will be chosen via Gleam (which uses and announced on this page. 
  • Prize: One  Indian curry station

All entries will be verified, failure to follow instructions correctly will result in participants being disqualified. Please do not cheat.
Win a Gourmet Indian Curry Server #2