Friday, 3 February 2017

Valentines Flower Vase and Flowers~Bostic Bloggers 2017

I have really enjoyed being part of the Bostik Bloggers and it has given a good excuse to spend time with my niece Little M who is my crafting buddy. In 2016 we created lots of fun posts which you can see here.  I am delighted that I have been asked to continue being a Bostik Blogger for 2017. Little M and I are looking forward to more crafty posts.

The February Bostik box arrived  and yes you can guess the theme is valentines. The box had lots of items that were red and pink and hearts. I invited Little M over and as always we had our smoothie making session after which we enjoyed our crafting session.

As the craft box had lots of red and pink things in it we decided that we should make a smoothie to match. We made this lovely Mixed  Berry and Beetroot smoothie which was delicious. After our smoothie, we made this this lovely flower vase with paper roses as a surprise gift for Litte M's mummy and daddy.

To make the flower vase and paper roses you will need:

  • Red corrugated card for vase a 5 size
  • Red plain card cut into rectangles 3 cm  x  9 cm
  • Plain red card
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Heart Stickers
  • Bostik glue
  • Bostik glue dots
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler 

How to make the vase and flowers

1. Roll up the corrugated red card to make a tube shape and stick the edges  so the tube stands up.
2. Place the tube onto the red card and draw a circle around it, now draw a second circle approx 1 cm larger than the first circle. Cut out the larger circle.

3. Snip around the circle  little cuts so that you can fold the snips in. These will be glued to the tube to make the base,
4. Glue the snips and position the base in to one end of the tube and stick it in. Fill the tube with some lentils or rice to weight it down so it stands up.

5. Tie a ribbon around the vase and decorate with the heart stickers.

6. To make the flowers, on the red rectangular card draw lines 5 mm apart along the long edge to the centre of the card, snip the  lines to form a fringe.(these will form the petals.)

7. Roll the card up in to a tight roll and secure it with glue, fan the snipped edges to form petals.
8. Stick the flower bud to the pipe cleaners with glue.

9. Place the flowers into the flower vase and your gift is ready.

Being part of the Bostik 2017 bloggers with Tots100 and Merrily Crafts, I was sent some craft items in a box to create this project.