Sunday, 25 April 2021

Polar Credit an easier money borrowing option.

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We all get that moment or time in life when we are strapped for cash. It might be due to an emergency, home repairs or an unexpected car expense. This is when we dive into our savings or an emergency pot. However we don’t all have that emergency pots or savings to dive into so what do we do? We might be lucky to have family that help out, but again we might not all be that fortunate. So what is our option?

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There are many borrowing options such as bank overdraft, using credit card, securing bank loans, taking out payday loans, using a pawn broker or other money lending vendors. All these types of borrowing incur lots of interest and it is important to check the interest rate and payment terms as they can build up to make the repayment very expensive and you could get in to debt very easily. You can also consider the option of option of Polar credit.

What is Polar Credit?

Polar credit is a new, simple way to get fast, accessible credit. They are a direct lender who makes their own lending decisions and you are not required to have a guarantor to borrow money. They also reward customer loyalty by reducing the interest after one year of opening the account, then again after another 6 months.

How does Polar credit work?

1. Apply online -You can do this using an online form which is easy to fill.

2. Choose a credit limit- You can apply for a credit limit that works for you and, if approved, use it as and when you need to. The good thing about polar credit is that you only pay for the amount you use not for the amount you ask to borrow.

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3. Transfer- You can request to transfer money to your nominated bank account whenever you need the funds. You can transfer as much money from your agreed amount as you need, the minimum amount starting from £25

4. Repay- The repayments are flexible, you can pay the agreed minimum payment each month. However if you wish to and can afford it you can pay more than the minimum requirement whenever you want to. There are no early settlement fees and you can continue to make further transfers into your bank account at any time as long as you comply with the terms of your credit agreement.

We all get sudden emergencies or occasions when we need to borrow money. It is important to research and do this with caution and only borrow what you can payback to avoid getting into debt.

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Thursday, 22 April 2021

Different types of allergies you can suffer from.


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10-30% of the world’s population suffers from some form of allergy. There are many types of allergies, some are seasonal and others are all year round. An allergy happens when the body’s immune system thinks a certain substance is harmful and reacts to it.   

A few types of allergies that people can suffer from are:

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Pollen allergy – this is commonly referred to as hay fever which presents with itching and running of the eyes or nose. It is particularly worse in the spring and summer months where more pollen is released from plants.

Mold and mildew – This can result from damp conditions in the home and surroundings.There is no easy way to avoid these, if your property has damp and mold it is better to fix and repair these to avoid ill health.

Latex allergiesMany items made from rubber such as balloons, shoes, clothing, bandages and toys have latex in them. If you are experiencing irritation when using these products, do check what they are made from so that you can avoid them.

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Pets  allergies- Pet hairs and fur are what most people are allergic to. People who are allergic to pets react with sneezing, wheezing and breathing difficulties. If you experience from these type of allergies, it is best to vacuum the hairs and furs frequently are and sanitise them frequently.

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Food allergies – Examples of these foods are seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Some allergies are mild and others can be life threatening. Some ingredients such as gluten or lactose can also cause allergies in many people.

Drug allergies - Certain medications and drugs such as antibiotics and creams can cause harmful side effects and allergies. If you are allergic to any of these medications, it is important to keep note of these medications.

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Insect allergies - Bees, wasps and certain insect bites can cause allergies in many people. Dust mites are very common and many asthma sufferers react to them badly.If you get an insert bite make sure you have an antidote for it and for mild allergies take antihistamines. Keep mattresses, furnishing and floors and carpets free from dust by vacuuming.

If you are interested to find out if you are allergic to anything, it is possible to take an allergy test.  Allergy tests can pinpoint  hundreds of allergies, so you can take advice from a specialist  on how to avoid these and tackle them with expert advice.

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Taking an allergy test could not be made simpler with the home allergy test. Everything you need to carry out for the test is included in the box. Once you get the test, all that is required is a small blood sample which you send to the klarify lab. The next step is for klarify to analyse the sample for over 296 allergens and send you a detailed personalised report within two weeks. If you are interested in taking an allergy test you can order a home allergy test from their website. It retails at £149.00

Monday, 12 April 2021

Top Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Cracks & Leaks

Maintaining a property can seem like a full-time job at times. We fix one problem, only for three more to arise. While we may be inclined to put off these jobs in favour of something more enjoyable, doing so may lead to more serious issues later down the line. Protecting your property against damage such as cracks and leaks should be a priority if you want to avoid any expensive repair work later down the line. I have teamed up with a flood defence foundations company to offer you some advice.


Often, cracks and leaks are caused by issues with the foundations of your property, which is frustrating because you can’t see what’s going on, so it’s easy to miss. If the soil surrounding your home becomes too dry during the summer months, it will shrink, which might cause the foundations to move slightly to fill the new gap. Use a sprinkler during hot weather to keep the soil moist, and refrain from planting trees too near to the property, as they will soak up the moisture.


Likewise, if the soil becomes too moist, it will expand and put pressure on the foundations. With this in mind, ensure your drainage system is working properly during rainier seasons and sweep away any pooling water. Check your gutters on a regular basis to ensure they haven’t become blocked with leaves and other debris.


Leaks can also occur when there are damaged or missing roof tiles, so be sure to monitor this too. It would also be wise to fill in any cracks around your windows and replace the sealant if it has decomposed. These are fairly quick fixes that will help your prevent more serious damage in the future. If you’re not comfortable completing these maintenance tasks yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to help. 

Sometimes outdoor task like these are best left to professionals to tackle. Do you have any tips on home maintenance that you follow? Please do share your tips in the comments below.

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Sunday, 11 April 2021

How to Improve Your Efficiency at Work


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Now that things in the UK are slowly but surely starting to return to normal (fingers crossed), many of us are about to return to an office environment for the first time in what seems like forever. While some people might be looking forward to it, others have enjoyed spending less time commuting and more time with the family. If you are feeling glum about returning to the office, why not try and put a positive spin on things by considering how you can use it as an opportunity for a fresh start. How can you be the best version of yourself? Read on for some tips on improving your efficiency in the office.

Enhance Your Time Management Skills

It might help you to prepare a priority list at the beginning of each day so that you know what you need to tackle first. When it comes to the big, intimidating tasks, it is a good idea to split them up into smaller chunks so that they’re more manageable and less daunting.

Be sure to take regular breaks away from your screen so that you don’t end up with eye strain and headaches, as that will hinder your productivity. Use short breaks to catch up with your colleagues so that they don’t disturb you whilst you’re in the middle of a task. Taking a break and spending a few minutes meditating works wonders to relieve work stress.

Organise Your Workspace

Being surrounded by clutter is very distracting, and not particularly comfortable. When you return to the office, consider asking your employer if you can invest in some folders and other equipment that will help you keep a tidy and organised workspace.

Eat healthy, Take frequent breaks, Get fresh air

It is important when you are working to take frequent breaks from your pc. Don't drink coffee after coffee, instead take a proper lunch break and eat a healthy lunch. Getting some fresh air helps to clear your mind so a quick walk outside works wonders. Of course if you are venturing outside stay safe, wear a mask, follow social distance rules and always wash your hands. This is important in all cases even if you have had a Covid Jab. Have you been invited for your jab yet? Find out more about what it feels like to have a Covid jab in this post. If you eat healthy and exercise, it helps your mind to stay more alert and help you work more efficiently.

Consider How You Use Technology

Working efficiently isn’t just about your own productivity, it’s also about how you use the technology and other equipment in the office. Are there any areas where you think you might be able to save your employer some money? It might be worth looking up some green printing tips to find out how you can help reduce paper and ink waste at work.

You should also make sure you’re switching off all digital devices properly at the end of each day, rather than leaving them on standby mode. This should reduce your employer’s energy bills so that there is more money in the pot to invest back into the business.

Do you have tips that you can share with me? Do let me know in the comments below.

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