Sunday, 3 January 2021

Removing stains from your solid wood floors


I love entertaining and having family and friends around, who doesn't, but often little accidents happen when there is a gathering of young and old. Kids will run around, adults will get a little tipsy, there is often food and drink spills so how can you tackle them especially as you have a new solid wood floor and someone spills their red wine. You heart sinks. That's it, it's ruined, and you have a huge bill on your hand to have it fixed. But don't fear, if you act fast there is a chance it can be saved!

Photo by Choi Ben on Unsplash

Before you panic and empty your cleaning products cupboard, it's important to assess the situation properly. If you know what's stained your floor, then it's possible that you can contact the manufacture for advice.


Like anything, a pale or white stain should be easy to remove. However, a darker stain is a little trickier and sometimes sanding can be the only way to remove it. 

Perhaps the most effective way of removing stains is to use hydrogen peroxide or special stain remover This is affordable and easy to get hold of, it's your most reliable source to get the stain off. Just dab it in a .cloth and place it over the stain and leave it for around 6 hours. The stain should hopefully be gone after this time, however if it's extra stubborn (like red wine) then leave it again for another 12 hours.

In most cases, this should remove the stain. However in cases where the stain is too stubborn and refuses to budge a more drastic measure may be necessary such as sanding your flooring. Most hard floors would not need this as they last 15-20 years if maintained well. It is possible to sand down and refinish a certain area where the stain in, but this can make it look uneven so just be aware and get a specialist to do it.

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